Finding Art

Happy midweek, everyone. It’s been a long while since my last update. I’ve been really busy (what’s new?) rehearsing for our grad show –  MEMORABILIA, or the Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two.

“Life without memory is no life at all. Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it we are nothing.” Luis Bunuel


Rehearsals have been getting really fun and interesting, though really mind-warping and brain-messing at times, but I’m loving it! It’s going to be running from Mon 1 Apr – Thur 4 Apr 2013, so be there!

Other than that, I’ve also completed the first draft of my thesis, which was a very painful process. I’ve not read so much non-fiction in my life. But along the way I also discovered so many interesting reads, so as painful as the process was… You know. Life experience.

This was the poster/flyer design for the piece I did as part of my research. My thesis explores the relation between smell and memory making, and smell in the theatre. I got my first draft  back and it needs loads of reworking, but I’m meeting my supervisor on Friday to chat about that.

It’s a countdown of three weeks to show, and less than two months until we graduate. This week, Jean-Guy Lecat came to view our design. He’s so awesome and it’s really all “WHAT’S GOING ON IN HIS MIND HE’S A GENIUS” and he’s so brillant. Although he tore our design apart (not literally) there was so much truth. Got so re-inspired when he was having Q&A. He’s viewing composition class tomorrow and aaah… So nervous. Haha.

Selfie with a bottle hah.
Selfie with a bottle hah.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter/Instagram, you’d already know that the Level 3 Acting class (i.e. my class) did the lobby for the Level 2’s performance of The Winter’s Tale. We taped a string installation, cut up some CDS up, and stuffed fairylights into wine bottles and suspended them.

TADAH!!!!!!!! I have a lot more photos I really should edit.


I also discovered the amazing world of preset/premade/downloadable photoshop curves and actions! Dug up an old photo of Echo and edited it:


Alright, I really should update a lot more. I promise to try.


Finishing A Show

A post about our last show of “6 Characters in Search of an Author”! The last show is always to most emotional / nostalgic for me because… c’mon, LAST SHOW. We’ll never get to do it again! Then the next day you wake up with what I would call a production hangover and you go, “Is this real life?” and then on Monday (today) you’re like “Back to reality WHYYYY”. Being in show is where I’m the happiest. And most tormented and depressed and excited and hungry and sleepy and hyperactive. And they’re not bad feelings.

So. #OOTD on that day! (I need a full length mirror -_-)

Dress from Le Derpina, outerwear from JEANASIS, earrings from Taiwan, and I wore my Lowry’s Farm boots.

Then, you know, the moment I got to the theatre it was a flurry of warming up, putting costume on, doing hair and make-up, running around in fear, excitement and anticipation, too busy for photos! I’ll post production photos soon!

Dex, Yibao, Naina.

This is the only picture I took of people in costume that day. Yeah, I wore that, too. -sucks fats in-

After the show we all went to Bali Lane, to a place called “Nabins”. IT’S SO COSY.

Warm lights and carpets and drapes!


We were in a room upstairs with low tables and we sat on the floor. Very very comfy and snuggly though it smelled vaguely of feet. Probably accumulated over the years.

On our side of the table…

Fries, onion rings, calamari, fish, drumlets!

Post show-hunger, y’know?

We just sat and chilled off our production.. stress. Haha.

Yes, everyone was all snuggly and collapsed. I would have fallen asleep there.

Here, have some happy couple pictures. Hahah.

Gokul + Shaf
Kristina + Rafael (Raffles lolol)
Dex + Qiao Sen

I edited Dex/Qiaosen’s picture first, which is why it looks brighter and the colors are less yellow. Then I couldn’t be bothered anymore haha.

 Silly pictures from the rest of the night.

Then on Sunday, I went to watch COMPANY with Sherri and Wendy! Sherri and I met for dinner, which made us a little late for the show! >_< But we made it inside before it started!

Top – Lowry’s Farm / Skirt – Cotton On / Shoes – Lowry’s Farm #

Yes,  you can see how the cleanliness of my room deteriorated from Friday to Sunday. I ALSO LOVE LOWRY’S FARM SO MUCH. -sob-

COMPANY was lovely, it was really nice to see the LASALLE graduates and catch up with them for a bit after the show. We missed supper with them though – had school the next day!

I got home, got a bit restless and decided to play with makeup before I showered.

THEFACESHOP – Blusher, Primer, Compact Powder.

I love getting new makeup. Yeah, my mom brought this back for me to try. The primer has been so awesome – WHY HAVEN’T I USED PRIMER BEFORE? Your face gets silky smooth!

Nekkid 2 – Urban Decay

This isn’t new, but it’s my favourite palatte of all time. Wendy has Naked (1) but Naked 2 has more matte shades I guess?

It was a good hair day. ^.^


10 minutes later…

._. Well. At least I was going to shower after that.

Yeaaaahhhh this is why I choose to experiment before doing anything. I love awesome eyeliner styles, but I don’t have a steady hand. And it always turns out asymmetrical. Okay, my eyes are asymmetrical but BAH it never looks nice on me.

Yeah. No, Steph. No.

Well, I tried.

Off to do research for my essay. -deep sigh-

Until next time…