Queensland, June.

This is going to be a pretty long post about my trip to Queensland with my mom and family friends this summer. It’s September now, so it should be about three months ago. So, a little backstory on the people I went with. Irene Aunty and my mother have been friends since my mother was 19(or 17?) and she was 21. They have been friends ever since. My mom is 49 now. So I grew up with Marcus and Germaine.

Amazing friendship, my mom and Irene Aunty.

So we went to Queensland, Australia. We stayed in Gold Coast. For the first week we were at Surfer’s Paradise in the hotel, then we moved to an apartment in… I forgot where. Oops.

Irene Aunty, Germaine, Momma
Irene Aunty, Germaine, Momma

This was taken before we boarded Emirates at Changi Airport. It was a 7(ish) hour flight. It was ridiculously cold. We landed pretty late at night, so we had instant noodles for supper and went to sleep.

The next morning we went exploring around our hotel. Went to walk along the boulevard and the beach. It was really rainy at the time we were there. T_T But we got away from the haze!

This was taken on the same day at the photo above, but the coat was WAY too thick for a sunny Australian winter day. So I borrowed my mom’s coat-thing.

P1050008This is surfer’s paradise at night. Behind us was the beach. TOO MANY SEAGULLSSSSSSS. SEAGULLS EVERYWHERE.


The next day we went jet-boating. This is the wretched place where I dropped my camera’s lens cap. THANK GOD IT WAS THE LENS CAP. -sob- Anyway, it was fun but you get really nauseous after a while. T.T


We went back to the beach. Where there were seagulls. Gulls are scary. But my hair was perfect and beach-waved. WHY ARE BIRDS EVIL?

At some point we went to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Khaleesi and Owl


Saw some koalas. They were all sleeping but THEY’RE SO CUTE.



And this is where we saw a lot of birds. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m wearing. But you know, on holiday you get to wear a lot of fashion crisis things because you’re a a tourist and you can be weird, RIGHT?


And fed the kangaroos. THEY’RE SO CUTE. Did you know kangaroos can’t move backwards? Fun fact hey.

We met some other people from church that were living/studying in Brisbane at that time, too.


P1050255 P1050283

Honestly, the 2 weeks were TOO long in a place that gets dark at 4.30PM and I get sleepy at 9PM and I get up at 7AM. Also, the shops close at 5PM almost every day. It’s a really different, laidback way of life that I was totally unaccustomed to. Really.

So this was my June Australia trip.