Finding Art

Happy midweek, everyone. It’s been a long while since my last update. I’ve been really busy (what’s new?) rehearsing for our grad show –  MEMORABILIA, or the Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two.

“Life without memory is no life at all. Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it we are nothing.” Luis Bunuel


Rehearsals have been getting really fun and interesting, though really mind-warping and brain-messing at times, but I’m loving it! It’s going to be running from Mon 1 Apr – Thur 4 Apr 2013, so be there!

Other than that, I’ve also completed the first draft of my thesis, which was a very painful process. I’ve not read so much non-fiction in my life. But along the way I also discovered so many interesting reads, so as painful as the process was… You know. Life experience.

This was the poster/flyer design for the piece I did as part of my research. My thesis explores the relation between smell and memory making, and smell in the theatre. I got my first draft  back and it needs loads of reworking, but I’m meeting my supervisor on Friday to chat about that.

It’s a countdown of three weeks to show, and less than two months until we graduate. This week, Jean-Guy Lecat came to view our design. He’s so awesome and it’s really all “WHAT’S GOING ON IN HIS MIND HE’S A GENIUS” and he’s so brillant. Although he tore our design apart (not literally) there was so much truth. Got so re-inspired when he was having Q&A. He’s viewing composition class tomorrow and aaah… So nervous. Haha.

Selfie with a bottle hah.
Selfie with a bottle hah.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter/Instagram, you’d already know that the Level 3 Acting class (i.e. my class) did the lobby for the Level 2’s performance of The Winter’s Tale. We taped a string installation, cut up some CDS up, and stuffed fairylights into wine bottles and suspended them.

TADAH!!!!!!!! I have a lot more photos I really should edit.


I also discovered the amazing world of preset/premade/downloadable photoshop curves and actions! Dug up an old photo of Echo and edited it:


Alright, I really should update a lot more. I promise to try.


taking my artist for a walk

This post I’m shifting the alignment of images to the left to see if it looks neater…

Went to roam around town to play with my new GX1, Megumi.

good hair day

Tong-ed my hair so it was really fluffy. Then it got a bit too wild and 80s-like.


Yes, this is me fully dressed and made up, ready to leave. Somehow it looks like I just woke up and threw random things on. T_T

Accessories that day!

Drew the curtains and the afternoon sun streamed in. >_< But sunlight = good light so I had to use the opportunity to take pictures. Of myself.

-looks forlornly out the window-

Unfortunately, I’m not a Ball-jointed Doll so the light made me look hideous. But my hair looked pretty. 😀 Insanely dry and wild, but pretty!

And so, I set off to town to look at shoes (I’m a girl. Shoes make me happy.) and play with Megumi. Oh yes, I also bought my 2012 diary from Prints, because I am insanely anal about my diaries. If I don’t like it, I wouldn’t write in it. So yes… a $34.50 investment. For the next year. -sobs into wallet-

Attempt 1

I never take architecture. I take my dolls, and people. And food sometimes. I never take things that don’t breathe. Well, hardly. :\ Failed attempt at trying to be artsy haha!

Well the wind was nice so...

It was very empty where I was so I shamelessly look pictures of myself. And played with the settings on my camera. Used the 14mm in the end cos it’s way smaller and lighter.


Then I tried to be artsy again.

Trying to be funny.

Look, Gap in the gap! 8D -shot- I walked around some more, looking at people and strolling around, contemplating the meaning of life. It got dark really quickly so I tested out the night shots. But first, shutter speed!

Zoom zoom zoom!

I’ve always wanted to stand on this certain overhead bridge near my place and take cars zooming out under, but let’s leave that for another Megumi and Me adventure. Since it was past 7pm and all the headlights had to be on, I stood at the traffic junction playing with shutter speeds. And got this. Some cars might have thought I was a secret traffic police. Or a stalker. >_>


Pretty, pretty lines.

Then it got rather dark and I wanted to try out some bokeh.

A tumblr-worthy bokeh shot?

But after a while all the lights start to look the same and meh. :\

I took a shot of a drain, but it turned out rather dark. So, since I’ve never tried using the pop-up flash before, I decided to take it. I yelped a little when I saw the shot. Tis unedited!


I am hoping it’s the reflection of the Christmas decorations. Or the flash picked up all the flies/insects/mosquitoes. Yup. -insert convincing nod-

Walked to Plaza Sing and had potato leek soup for dinner. Tried to finish up Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets) on my Kindle but it decided to hang and I didn’t know how to restart. Went home to troubleshoot – it’s fine now. 🙂

Ending with a picture of my girls I put together. Rei now looks too big. Oops.

Echo and Oreilya