Japan (Final)

So I just realised that I’m leaving for Japan in 3 days, and I ‘m not done blogging about the previous Japan trip (over a year ago). PROCRASTINATION! -smack self- Well, we know what’s going to be on my New Year’s Resolution list this year… Pffft.

So here it goes. My love affair with Japan, and the heart that I am returning to soon.

Anyway, more about my adventures.

Artsy Bit

Yuki and Shoichi are partners in a company that reads books (with music) in various places. They took me to their job today – a children’s hospital. Or more specifically, a children’s hospital and a care centre for those with physical deformities and special needs.

We spent the entire day, from morning to evening there, stopping for lunch at a lovely udon place. It was becoming autumn, and the momiji were starting to appear above the koi pond.


As usual, the food was AMAZING. I had mochi udon for the first time! All chewy and stretchy ahahhaa.


Anyway… why I love Japan so dearly. Watching them work. Watching them read a book from their hearts, with all the commitment and love, even if it was to just ONE person who may or may not be listening at all.

The work ethic poured out from them. I met the director of the hospital and he showed me around the building as well. All their facilities and staff and protocols were committed to making their patients feel as good as possible, even though they were unable to fully express themselves. This is why I love. Everything, born and done out of service.


The next day, I was supposed to meet Shoichi for a Festival Tokyo (F/T’13) performance called “the long field trip”, but it was only in the evening, so I decided to head to Omotesando to do my nails. That was my virgin gelish experience. So cute right! Ehehe.

IMG_9647 IMG_9648

The sun sets over Itabashi. This is where I lost my Suica (train pass) and panicked, because the station masters asked me ??? Shinjuku ?? my Japanese very bad didn’t understand. So I called Shoichi, who just told me to stay put at wait for him to save me.

Which he did.

I just had to pay the fare from Shinjuku to Itabashi. Heh heh. Don’t lose belongings people.

It was an amazing show by the theatre company called “SAMPLE”. The space itself, the Nishi-sugamo Arts Factory was an old school gym, and the performance started with a freaking pick-up truck driving on the stage. Yep. It also had subtitles. Woohoo! I’m going back this year to the arts factory to watch Ninagawa’s “Ravens, we shall load bullets”. Such excite!

Touristy Bit


The next day was a Chikage bringing me to do touristy things day!


Because what’s going to Tokyo without going to Meijijingu?


Looking at the trees becoming flame red in the fantastic weather.



Eating yakitori in Ginza!

IMG_9668 IMG_9671

Going to the Kabukiza!

IMG_9672 IMG_9675 IMG_9676

Going to the Asakusa Temple! (I obviously crammed being a tourist all in one day, poor Chikage… Ahahah..)


Chikage, and our dessert. Which was the exact same dessert Yagnya ordered when she went to Asakusa with Chikage. This is why she’s my perfect friend. I miss you woman.

IMG_9680 IMG_9694

We went to the Tokyo Skytree at night, looking over Sumida River, and I was awestruck.

IMG_9682 IMG_9698 IMG_9699

Food in the Solomachi, the shopping mall within/next to the Tokyo Skytree. CALBEE. CHIPS. Fresh and hot with ICE CREAM. I’m going back there, if not for the Skytree, for the beautiful potato chips. Unggggghhh get in my belly!

Also, had sushi and sake with Chikage. My first uni (sea urchin) experience!

.______. creamy.


The next day was my final day before I flew home! Bought a matcha soft serve (this was the smallest size) in Nakano, and ate it ALL. ^_^

Shoichi had helped me book a Butoh performance at night, so I had the day to kill.


So relax, I did. I went back to the Skytree Solomachi and had a katsu-omurice. I love omurice. YUM YUM IN TUM TUM. Obviously hungry while writing this.


This was the dance studio where we waited for the Butoh to start… I was falling asleep because it began with 15 minutes of music and multimedia. But when they danced. WHEN THEY DANCED! Goosebumps! I wanted to stand up in the theatre and gasp and… it was electrifying. Their bodies were so fit, moving with such fluidity and simplicity. No extra movement wasted.


IMG_9730 IMG_9749

My flight was in the late morning, so I left the hostel early to take the train to the airport.

I took the train to Shinjuku, and changed to the Narita Express to NRT International.

As I was leaving, I knew I left my heart there. I had come to Tokyo, alone, to see if I still loved it. To see why I loved it.

I found myself falling more.

An unexplainable pull. A place that always finds me.

And this is why I’m going back.


At last.

Semester One is over.
It’s 5AM and I’ve just come back from an amazing day/night with my class + program lecturer.

That is all.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, a…

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in the petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Memorizing text for Suzuki. 



bougainvilleas bloom and wind; be careful mind the strangle vines

As you can tell, I’ve been too insanely busy with school to do any proper blogging.

Upper Sec Cell CNY 2012

I have 2 shows, an individual project and a research paper – all either happening or due this month.

Come watch A Doll’s House.

Click image to go to gatecrash site!

Alternatively you can buy tickets at SAM machines.

I have been well. In my weakness, my God provides.

I keep going.


You are my All in All

Good morning. Morning? Yes, I’m up at 7.40AM on a Saturday morning with a Neslo (Nescafe, i.e. coffee and milo mixture) next to me, blogging. Insane hour? Yes. Considering that I slept rather late last night. The new semester has just begun and I’m feeling the strain already. I’ve many projects and assignments this semester, and upon completing that, it will mark my mid-point in acting training at Lasalle.

At Hanis @ Wilkie, late night supper.

Here are a few images taken on new-years eve/day. A habit cultivated four years ago, I’ve been spending new year’s eve in church, listening and sometimes sharing thanksgiving ‘testimonials’. It IS a great time to look back upon the year and step into the new one with a clean slate.

Ben, John, Edmund.

The year has been good. I wouldn’t say fantastic, but nothing tragic’s happened. I grew and changed as a person, yet I don’t know yet if it’s for the better.

Aalya and Joanne

Nevertheless, I thank God for my family and friends that He has blessed me with, giving me support in what I do. Some tend to underestimate the support and a simple thumbs-up from the people you care about. Perhaps one might think that you don’t need the approval of others, but it’s heartwarming when they DO approve, right?

Rachel (in focus) and Pris

This semester, I will keep on keeping on.

My Saviour will be there for me. I won’t break.
If my God is for me, who can be against me?

Aalya! :3

The birds are awake outside, making rather annoying sounds. No sweet song of birds here in Singapore.

I’m going to get started on the pile of work I’ve got. I might be while, say a few months until I post again. Till then, keep on keeping on. 🙂


Keep on Keepin’ On

Gonna keep on keepin’ on, till my days are gone
No one’s gonna tell me that I’m wrong
Gonna keep on keepin’ on

So I met Jasmine one of the days after meeting Ben. Funny story, actually, met him to eat kebab/look at amps but we ended up at a guitar shop talking to the owner. For about an hour and a half. I thought I was going to die and turn into a guitar, but I managed to pay attention to most of it. So I know random guitar terms, something about Jackson amps, how to re-string a Duesenberg so that it won’t go out of tune, Cole Clark guitars, Floyd Rose pickups, maple quilt top, I have no idea what I’m going on about. And tubes. And how to tighten/loosen the whammy bar on the Duesenberg. This is what happens when I hang out with my best friend. NEVERMIND IT WILL BE USEFUL INFORMATION ONE DAY. -cough-Emppu-cough-


Jasmine Blackmeteor

This is Jas, whom I walked along Cityhall\Clarke Quay to take photos with! She’s one of the first people I know from the doll community since I started in 2008! ^^

Decided to take some scenery shots before taking out the dolls.


I never noticed the statue thingys at One Fullerton until that day! THIS IS SO CUTE. Even though they have moss/rust on them!

Walking walking

People walking. No editing colors or anything! Just resizing. -pats Megumi-


Jasmine’s boots show up nicely in photos and so I kept taking it! Also cos I got bored of shooting plants/scenery/Echo and targeted my only other… Target. I.e Jasmine.


My shorts, studs I bought from Etsy. 😀 And okay, moving on to pictures of Echo! Jasmine brought Ariene (MD Ryu) out! His eyes are so pretty!

"Tch. Piss off."

Echo looking blur, annoyed and stoned. Sad grumpy girl. Hehehe.

Screwed up the curves on this one. >_< Only realized it now.

This shot gave me so many heart attacks cos she could have fallen into the water. Throughout the shoot, as Echo was standing, the wind was insanely strong. And Echo, being so tiny, kept swaying back and forth. T_T

Ariene, with eyes that will pierce your soul.

After the shoot, we went to Liang Court for dinner! But on the way there, there was a bubble machine at Clarke Quay and the street was filled with bubbles! BUBBLES. BUBBBLLLEEEEESSSSS. MAI BUBBLES.


I’m glad I’m doing justice to Megumi and putting her to use. :3

My kindle atop my expensive 2012 planner. Determination-inspiration for 2012. Resolutions. 🙂

Until next time.


taking my artist for a walk

This post I’m shifting the alignment of images to the left to see if it looks neater…

Went to roam around town to play with my new GX1, Megumi.

good hair day

Tong-ed my hair so it was really fluffy. Then it got a bit too wild and 80s-like.


Yes, this is me fully dressed and made up, ready to leave. Somehow it looks like I just woke up and threw random things on. T_T

Accessories that day!

Drew the curtains and the afternoon sun streamed in. >_< But sunlight = good light so I had to use the opportunity to take pictures. Of myself.

-looks forlornly out the window-

Unfortunately, I’m not a Ball-jointed Doll so the light made me look hideous. But my hair looked pretty. 😀 Insanely dry and wild, but pretty!

And so, I set off to town to look at shoes (I’m a girl. Shoes make me happy.) and play with Megumi. Oh yes, I also bought my 2012 diary from Prints, because I am insanely anal about my diaries. If I don’t like it, I wouldn’t write in it. So yes… a $34.50 investment. For the next year. -sobs into wallet-

Attempt 1

I never take architecture. I take my dolls, and people. And food sometimes. I never take things that don’t breathe. Well, hardly. :\ Failed attempt at trying to be artsy haha!

Well the wind was nice so...

It was very empty where I was so I shamelessly look pictures of myself. And played with the settings on my camera. Used the 14mm in the end cos it’s way smaller and lighter.


Then I tried to be artsy again.

Trying to be funny.

Look, Gap in the gap! 8D -shot- I walked around some more, looking at people and strolling around, contemplating the meaning of life. It got dark really quickly so I tested out the night shots. But first, shutter speed!

Zoom zoom zoom!

I’ve always wanted to stand on this certain overhead bridge near my place and take cars zooming out under, but let’s leave that for another Megumi and Me adventure. Since it was past 7pm and all the headlights had to be on, I stood at the traffic junction playing with shutter speeds. And got this. Some cars might have thought I was a secret traffic police. Or a stalker. >_>


Pretty, pretty lines.

Then it got rather dark and I wanted to try out some bokeh.

A tumblr-worthy bokeh shot?

But after a while all the lights start to look the same and meh. :\

I took a shot of a drain, but it turned out rather dark. So, since I’ve never tried using the pop-up flash before, I decided to take it. I yelped a little when I saw the shot. Tis unedited!


I am hoping it’s the reflection of the Christmas decorations. Or the flash picked up all the flies/insects/mosquitoes. Yup. -insert convincing nod-

Walked to Plaza Sing and had potato leek soup for dinner. Tried to finish up Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets) on my Kindle but it decided to hang and I didn’t know how to restart. Went home to troubleshoot – it’s fine now. 🙂

Ending with a picture of my girls I put together. Rei now looks too big. Oops.

Echo and Oreilya