At last.

Semester One is over.
It’s 5AM and I’ve just come back from an amazing day/night with my class + program lecturer.

That is all.

Finishing A Show

A post about our last show of “6 Characters in Search of an Author”! The last show is always to most emotional / nostalgic for me because… c’mon, LAST SHOW. We’ll never get to do it again! Then the next day you wake up with what I would call a production hangover and you go, “Is this real life?” and then on Monday (today) you’re like “Back to reality WHYYYY”. Being in show is where I’m the happiest. And most tormented and depressed and excited and hungry and sleepy and hyperactive. And they’re not bad feelings.

So. #OOTD on that day! (I need a full length mirror -_-)

Dress from Le Derpina, outerwear from JEANASIS, earrings from Taiwan, and I wore my Lowry’s Farm boots.

Then, you know, the moment I got to the theatre it was a flurry of warming up, putting costume on, doing hair and make-up, running around in fear, excitement and anticipation, too busy for photos! I’ll post production photos soon!

Dex, Yibao, Naina.

This is the only picture I took of people in costume that day. Yeah, I wore that, too. -sucks fats in-

After the show we all went to Bali Lane, to a place called “Nabins”. IT’S SO COSY.

Warm lights and carpets and drapes!


We were in a room upstairs with low tables and we sat on the floor. Very very comfy and snuggly though it smelled vaguely of feet. Probably accumulated over the years.

On our side of the table…

Fries, onion rings, calamari, fish, drumlets!

Post show-hunger, y’know?

We just sat and chilled off our production.. stress. Haha.

Yes, everyone was all snuggly and collapsed. I would have fallen asleep there.

Here, have some happy couple pictures. Hahah.

Gokul + Shaf
Kristina + Rafael (Raffles lolol)
Dex + Qiao Sen

I edited Dex/Qiaosen’s picture first, which is why it looks brighter and the colors are less yellow. Then I couldn’t be bothered anymore haha.

 Silly pictures from the rest of the night.

Then on Sunday, I went to watch COMPANY with Sherri and Wendy! Sherri and I met for dinner, which made us a little late for the show! >_< But we made it inside before it started!

Top – Lowry’s Farm / Skirt – Cotton On / Shoes – Lowry’s Farm #

Yes,  you can see how the cleanliness of my room deteriorated from Friday to Sunday. I ALSO LOVE LOWRY’S FARM SO MUCH. -sob-

COMPANY was lovely, it was really nice to see the LASALLE graduates and catch up with them for a bit after the show. We missed supper with them though – had school the next day!

I got home, got a bit restless and decided to play with makeup before I showered.

THEFACESHOP – Blusher, Primer, Compact Powder.

I love getting new makeup. Yeah, my mom brought this back for me to try. The primer has been so awesome – WHY HAVEN’T I USED PRIMER BEFORE? Your face gets silky smooth!

Nekkid 2 – Urban Decay

This isn’t new, but it’s my favourite palatte of all time. Wendy has Naked (1) but Naked 2 has more matte shades I guess?

It was a good hair day. ^.^


10 minutes later…

._. Well. At least I was going to shower after that.

Yeaaaahhhh this is why I choose to experiment before doing anything. I love awesome eyeliner styles, but I don’t have a steady hand. And it always turns out asymmetrical. Okay, my eyes are asymmetrical but BAH it never looks nice on me.

Yeah. No, Steph. No.

Well, I tried.

Off to do research for my essay. -deep sigh-

Until next time…

Pirandello and Packages

Oh yay – first (official) post in my new site! I still have loads to edit on the ‘blog’ section, getting everything organized, but have some life updates! I also know I should be working on my essays, but y’know, heh.

So today was the opening night of the Year 3 Acting show, “6 Characters in Search of an Author” by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Natalie Hennedige from CAKE. The  process was different from all the previous shows. A 70ish minute show with all 12 of us mostly on stage – Different. A whole different ball game. I had problems with my character at the start, trying to find a fiction that was interesting enough so I wouldn’t space out on stage. I would say Grotowski’s psycho-physical actions helped a lot. Thanks Adam. Haha.

Every time I’m back in the theatre the more I’m sure this is where I’m meant to be.

So yes, before opening night we had an open dress, which was the run where people from the Acting/Musical Theate/T+P/lecturers would watch our run. It was like all open dress runs – warm, loving audience.

Today’s #ootd. It was a pretty awesome hair day. I also need to invest in a full-length mirror. Haha.

Anyway, dressing room pictures!

Sherri and Wendy, with their hoodies.

The entire cast got opening night flowers + chocolates from Natalie! Ahhh why is she so sweet? -sob-

Wendy, bear hoodie, flowers. I feel the need to put on a Scottish accent a la “Brave” whenever I say the word “bear”.

Anyway, opening night was good! I thought it went pretty well! ^_^ I also went home to… PACKAGES IN THE MAIL YAY!

Charmed episodes, Dark Shadows (from, a very nifty DVD rental site, I’m still unsure on how I feel about it),  a top, kitty dust plug on my phone, my postcard back from Adam (class exercise), and cookies my mom bought! #happy

Look at the widdle kitty on my phone! :3 N’gawww…

Alright, back to trying to do my thesis reading and intercultural theatre essay. -deep sigh-

Wish me luck.

I do not love you except because I love you

Checking off four of the events that were going to kill me in the first three months of the second semester.

Finally, some time to breathe.

The past three months was a little bit of a torture. As masochistic as it sounds – An enjoyable torture. I got to work with 4 directors on 2 shows, created my own performance, designed a media art installation, and wrote an essay. -exhales-

with the cast of a doll's house

Worked with three different directors for the three acts of Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”. Being in all three acts and Middletown took it’s toll on me. I thought it was unfair, I was exhausted, I was so so tired. Looking at it from outside in made me realize it happened for a reason. I’m really glad it did. Come on, I got to work with Adam AND Li Xie + Fendi + Vadi. 8D

Explanation: Class of 14. Split up into 4 groups. 1 group did Middletown, 3 did the three acts of doll’s house. I’m too lazy to explain further.

Speaking of Adam, we had a birthday celebration for him. He’s a monkey (Chinese zodiac), too! Which means he’s one cycle (12 years) above me. The cake was yummy. Baked by resident chef Nadia of course.

When Adam first told me I was in Middletown (AND DOLL’S HOUSE!), I was like “No I’m not. How am I supposed to do my IP?! And Doll’s House?!” and he said “Because.” At that moment I wanted to die. Thank God for people like Iggy who was all “it all happens for a reason!” and Edmund who talked about God’s power over time, WHICH IS TRUE. More about that later.

My IP was about human empathy. I don’t think I’ll get my file/journal back but it was awesome.

more of the set

The set was in a pod in school. Very tumblr-worthy. 🙂 Thank God for the Mommy who helped me with this. T_T

Then Middletown cast went for opening night drinks. The only group picture I have is blur. -sob-

Cast night out
Kris and Yibao

Once again, I am glad I’m in both shows.

The Director

Working with Adam was awesome, because we don’t know if we’ll work with him in our final year, and I’m glad we got the opportunity to. Viewpoints every single rehearsal (despite not being needed at all) was a bit of a hell, but now I’m proud to say it’s not that bad! 12 sun salutations still sucks, but I learnt so much from doing it every freaking day.

And after we bumped it, we freaking did it in SAND. Sand got everywhere. And after I made the mistake of lying down during open session, I’ve been digging sand out my ear till today. Lying down makes you a target of having sand poured on you.

Dressing room. Last night!

I’m alive.

I didn’t think I’d come out in one piece. I thought I’d had to chop off an arm somewhere to buy more time. But my God made time. I don’t know how I managed to do this, but because of His abundant grace and favour, I’m here. Alive and well.

These months have taught me many many things.

  1. I am stronger than I give myself credit for.
  2. Being a lazy piece of ass does nothing for you.
  3. Who is truly by your side when you’re breaking into pieces.
  4. Who will be there for me, not just in words, but having the balls to do something about it.
  5. My God is an awesome God.
  6. Thank God for Moms. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

And so I keep climbing. Until next time…


P.P.S. I read/watched both Hunger Games and Battle Royale. I love both. Despite being similar, their politic is very different. Love both. Would love it more if THG movie was more gory. #sadist

bougainvilleas bloom and wind; be careful mind the strangle vines

As you can tell, I’ve been too insanely busy with school to do any proper blogging.

Upper Sec Cell CNY 2012

I have 2 shows, an individual project and a research paper – all either happening or due this month.

Come watch A Doll’s House.

Click image to go to gatecrash site!

Alternatively you can buy tickets at SAM machines.

I have been well. In my weakness, my God provides.

I keep going.


love held us hostage and we couldn’t meet its demands

is this real cause this feels like a dream
they found two broken hearts at the scene
and there’s no trace of love where it used to be 

#shamelessphotopost #hipsterglasses

it was gone in a blink of an eye
like a thief in the dead of the night 

School has been pretty busy.

1. The Doll’s House
13th March – 17th March

2. Middletown
30th March – 4th April

3. Individual Project
23 March


#nowplaying Fugitive – Danger Danger

Almost There.

So my last post had a list:

1. Voice essay (30 March)
2. Dramatic Lit presentation
3. Dramatic Lit performance thingy
4. T & P Picasso Performance
5.Dramatic Lit essay
6. History essay
7. Level 1 Final show – Our Country’s Good

Adding on to that:

8. Uta Hagen – Talking to Audience
9. Uta Hagen – Scripted Changes in Self
10. Uta Hagen – Scripted Telephone Call
11. Voice Assessment Prep (DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE)
12. Kalari Assessment / Taichi Assessment (technically don’t need to study)


13. Actor’s Credo
14. Kalari Journal