大切なもの (Important Things)

It has been too long since my last post.

I have been occupied. Occupied, distracted, lazy, unmotivated, busy, exhausted… Or perhaps I have lost my muse. My last post was September 2013. It is now the end of January 2014. About 4 months have passed without my recording of it. That’s…. Unfortunate. However, I’m motivated once more and I’ll start again.

In August 2013, I had my convocation.

Well, at least I think it was August. I don’t recall. The significance of the ceremony, with my family there watching be receive my degree, was perhaps them watching their support manifested physically. Everything I had worked towards and they had supported me in, I guess was in this education.

As the youngest in the family, I feel it’s a “SHE FINALLY HAS A DEGREE” moment, so I’m glad everyone came… to sit there for hours just to watch my 10 seconds on that stage. That’s love, ya’ll.

Because at the end of it all, they are the ones who have seen me at my stupidest, most unglamorous and unlovable moments. I don’t know why they still love me.

But I’m glad. (Yes, all my family members are short. This is where I get it from…)

I’m glad that they support me in whatever I do, be it my dreams or my work. They may never get to hear these words from me directly because I am Asian and we very hardly do all these loving things, but I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by them. By their support.

After receiving my degree, I looked at what I spent the last 3-4 years of my life slaving for. All the memories I made in Lasalle. All the things that I learned. I would definitely say the experience was worth it. I had my ego stripped away. I was discouraged. I was empowered. I never imagined myself knowing so much and falling in love with all this… Art.

The paper is a just a piece of paper. But everything behind it is priceless.


And most importantly, thank you momma. My mother is the greatest gift God could have given me. I don’t think I’ll be able to understand why she does so much for me. All those years of me studying she has always got my back. I mean, you want to understand undeserved grace? MOTHERS LOVE. See, now I’m tearing up as a write this. So, thank you God for giving me this mom to help me fathom just a fraction of how much You love me…

So what now, after I graduated?

In November, I went to Japan. I left my heart there. You know how sometimes, you feel that this is where you need to be? There are no logical explanations for why I need to be there so much. I fell in love again. I’ll upload photos from my phone and do a whole other post sometime.

In December, I was involved in Yellow Chair Productions’ version of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. It was a beautiful experience, working with an entirely new bunch of people that are not my classmates. We’re having our post-production party soon, so more on that when it happens.

Right now, my work life consists of:

  • Teaching Drama, both kindergarten and secondary schools.
  • Barista at Maison Ikkoku
  • Research project for Aole and Elizabeth
  • Assisting Adam in Grotowski class at Lasalle
  • Acting for Rachel’s graduation show

Other than that, I’m still learning Japanese and will be beginning my Intermediate 3 lessons soon. I hope to be able to find time to update more in the following days to come.

Until then, take care.

22 Days

It’s 22 days to May 9, which is the final day of anything college related.

It’s about time I update ahhahha….

If you’ve been following me on Twitter/Instagram, you’d know that I’ve completed my thesis. It’s titled “The Smell of Truth” and explores the use of olfactory elements in the theatre.

So, some backlogged pictures.


More pictures of The Winter’s Tale lobby design! Fairylights in bottles. Fairylight anything.

P1040626 P1040596


String installation.


And a shameless picture of me with a bottle. So dreamy, right! Haha!

I also had a catch-up session with the awesome people I met from Harry Potter : The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. We went to Au Chocolat. BEST. PLACE. EVAR. Unfffffff their iced chocolate… #DirtyDirtyEats


This was also the night that Nadia, Mina and I walked to Potong Pasir from Marina Bay Sands. I was in heeled boots. It got painful at the end but it was INSANELY fun walking with them. We should totally do that again. ^_^

In the food adventure department, have an omelette. It’s not exactly an omelette because it refused to close on itself. Honestly, how do you do it?! So it’s an open-faced omelette with steamed corn, cheese, and basil. Sooooo gooood.

In other news, we recently finished our grad show, Memorabilia. Thank you for coming if you saw it, and YOU MISSED OUT ON AN AWESOME SHOW if you didn’t. 😉 I really enjoyed the process and devising now that I think about it. It was a bit of a torture when I was in the moment, but it really was quite fun. Edith and Brian are geniuses. GENIUSES.

I’ve also been attempting to kick my body clock back to human times, so I’m up at 9AM typing this, then I’m heading to the gym. #HealthyLifestyle

Things Due:

  1. Composition Assessment (The Tempest)
  2. Japanese Accent Assessment
  3. Intercultural Theatre Casebook

Then Showcase. Mark your calendars for May 8 and 9!

Until next time…

Finding Art

Happy midweek, everyone. It’s been a long while since my last update. I’ve been really busy (what’s new?) rehearsing for our grad show –  MEMORABILIA, or the Magic Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two.

“Life without memory is no life at all. Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it we are nothing.” Luis Bunuel


Rehearsals have been getting really fun and interesting, though really mind-warping and brain-messing at times, but I’m loving it! It’s going to be running from Mon 1 Apr – Thur 4 Apr 2013, so be there!

Other than that, I’ve also completed the first draft of my thesis, which was a very painful process. I’ve not read so much non-fiction in my life. But along the way I also discovered so many interesting reads, so as painful as the process was… You know. Life experience.

This was the poster/flyer design for the piece I did as part of my research. My thesis explores the relation between smell and memory making, and smell in the theatre. I got my first draft  back and it needs loads of reworking, but I’m meeting my supervisor on Friday to chat about that.

It’s a countdown of three weeks to show, and less than two months until we graduate. This week, Jean-Guy Lecat came to view our design. He’s so awesome and it’s really all “WHAT’S GOING ON IN HIS MIND HE’S A GENIUS” and he’s so brillant. Although he tore our design apart (not literally) there was so much truth. Got so re-inspired when he was having Q&A. He’s viewing composition class tomorrow and aaah… So nervous. Haha.

Selfie with a bottle hah.
Selfie with a bottle hah.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter/Instagram, you’d already know that the Level 3 Acting class (i.e. my class) did the lobby for the Level 2’s performance of The Winter’s Tale. We taped a string installation, cut up some CDS up, and stuffed fairylights into wine bottles and suspended them.

TADAH!!!!!!!! I have a lot more photos I really should edit.


I also discovered the amazing world of preset/premade/downloadable photoshop curves and actions! Dug up an old photo of Echo and edited it:


Alright, I really should update a lot more. I promise to try.


2(ish) more months

Graduating class of 2013
Graduating class of 2013

We had our photoshoot today. I had some fun with this shot taken with an iphone.

We’re going to graduate soon.

Graduation show : First week of April
Industry showcase: First week of May

We keep on keeping on.


Design Class Dump


This is King Lear and the day we suspended 300 needles from thread from a ceiling. We then used strobe lights of two speeds to light the needles. It really does look better in real life. It’s also by far my favourite design. This was by Aisyah, Sherri, Dex and myself.

This is in a rehearsal space and the design for our composition class for Death of a Salesman.  I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but naked light bulbs being suspended – always cool. This was by Gokul, Aisyah, Dex, Sherri, Wendy.

Alright, I’ll update again soon.

My artist also hates me now. I took her out on one date and never called her again. I’m a terrible person. 😦


Final year, Semester 2, Day 1

It begins.
It begins.

First day of semester 2 today! It started off rather gently, actually. We were supposed to have Suzuki at 8.30AM but it changed in the detailed schedule, so we only had to be in class at 12.30 for Adam’s design class. Which was pretty mindblowing and all ‘ohshitihavesomuchworktodo’. So we have a presentation due next Monday. My brain is a little stunned from all the thinking and creative stuff it has to churn out, but it’s all good.

Our late afternoons for this month will be spent with Li Xie, Wan Ching and Rei Poh for our intercultural piece. More brain stuff for the next two weeks, from what I gather during today’s meeting. They sent us out to places near school to check out site-specific locations for the performance. I’ll post pictures up after I edit them and present them tomorrow. I walked around the Bugis/Rochor area with Sherri, taking loads of photos. We were supposed to look at architecture and all that, but I kept being drawn to people and portraits. /sneaky camera woohoo

I’m currently hiding in the school library because it’s too hot to function. Singapore, WHY.

Aite, off to pilates with Isa. Wish my abs luck.



The Acting Course P Party

I really should blog more often. I really don’t know how Cheryl does it so often. >_> It’s nearing Christmas, which means it’s nearing the dates of TLC the Musical! For those who don’t know, it’s a musical I’m directing with my church. Tickets are sold out for the 23rd, and selling fast for the 24th! 🙂 Apart from directing, I’ve moved out of my room to my mom’s study ‘cos my grandma’s moved in. Lost a bit of motivation to do work with the lack of a desk (I was using my laptop on my bed), but I finally got my act together and moved a desk to my (current) room. And now, the Acting Course P Party!

So, what IS a ‘P’ Party?

You gotta come as something that starts with the letter ‘P’. Y’know, Policeman, Pregnant, Politician…

I was ‘Paranoid Pocahontas’!


So I didn’t look very paranoid but I’m still proud of my costume! Chopped up and old dress I didn’t wear anymore and TADAH! I used tutorials from WobiSobi on how to do T-Shirt surgery. I’m terrible with craft things, so my only tip is to CUT REALLY SLOWLY. I’m too impatient to cut in a straight line. T_T


Nadia came as ‘Postmodern Peranakan’. You know… Actors. Hahaha. She was in charge of the meat that day! Nadia’s cooking is AMAZEBALLS.



I was in charge of the pasta bake, which turned out pretty awesome! You can’t really go wrong with cheese.

It was sort of a surprise for Yibao that day as well, to celebrate her belated birthday. This was the cake that Kristina and Naina got her. Yes, it says Yibao Slut. You know what they say… Friends pick you up when you fall, best friends laugh because were the ones that shoved you. In Yibao’s case… they shoved her face into the cake.


With friends like these, who needs enemies? 🙂 Have some shenanigans of the night:



It was great to finally have a get-together with (almost) all the acting course! Got to talk to the level 1s (AT LAST) and hang out. I can’t believe that we’re doing our final semester next year!

Brb sudden panic attack at the thought of graduating.

Brb second panic attack about my thesis.




Bahaha this is Ben who came as a pokemon trainer.

I realize I have no (good) pictures with Wendy. .___. She came as a pretty pinky princess.


Ricky the Pharaoh. With money.


Wuv you too Chanel.


ONE WITH SHAF post swimming as you can tell from the wet hair. There was also a non-stop drizzle the entire night. T_T So we were never really dry.


Until next time.

P/S: I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2. Anyone play it, too?