This time of year

It’s been a while, blog!

Christmas is coming

I haven’t been updating because I’ve been so busy with school! 🙂 And busy’s good, cause that means that I don’t have time to update the blog, but it means I’m hard at work! Right now, I’m having my holidays and it’s great. So.. Updates on life time!

1. Semester 1 is OVER.
I honestly cannot believe that I lived through half a year in acting! This is awesome, great, and I really have God to thank for pulling me through this. I’ve learnt the most this semester and I’ve never been happier. Awesome, awesome school year. Acting is awesome, I don’t regret a moment, and thank God for awesome classmates. ❤ Two and a half more years!!

2. Dinosaur desktop has been replaced.
By this cool touchscreen lenovo shit! It’s damn cool, no pictures yet! 🙂

3. My tumblr is more active! FOLLOW ME

4. Now only Oreilya, Nami, and Echo are left in the doll family. James doesn’t count, he’s a head.

Echo. Well, part of her.


Oreilya Evans

Haven’t been taking photos AT ALL, so pardon the blur. I’m also thinking of selling Nami (Abio Angel Ling) and James (CP El), interested parties please e-mail me.

5. Guitar re-learning attempt
I’ve been trying but honestly, too busy with school! I’m trying okay!

Pretty under sunlight~

Well, that’s all. Events coming up are….

– Christmas Dinner 2010 (IT’S GONNA BE LEGEN–DARY!)
– Dexie’s 21st ❤
– Joy @ Lavender (18th and 19th Dec. BE THERE.)
– Christmas Outreach (Hee hee hee)



Long post ahead!

See, I’m making an effort to blog more often! So here are the events that happened over a week ago, on the 15th! Yes, me blog at 3AM. I just finished the third of the Alchemyst series by Michael Scott, the Sorceress, by the way. Great book, though it’s for children I believe. Anyway, I digress. Back to the events of the 15th!

Well, to the night before the 15th, anyway. Chloe wanted to go to Zara at 313 to buy a trenchcoat that she spotted the other day. I told her that it’s going to be crowded and I tend to get very annoyed with crowds, so we decided to meet up at 11AM at Somerset. 313 was pretty much empty at 11AM, I loved it. Now now, why can’t it stay this way? :/ So yes! The night before, I decided to plan what to wear / what to do with my hair and stuff so I won’t be late the next day!

Unglam picture of me, sans makeup and photoshop.

Okay, my hair was decided. First time tying two ponytails and walking the streets in a while. Good thing my hair grew out long enough for me to do that, if not I’d just look retarded. So, the next daaaay, I looked like this!


Blurry picture from shaky hands. Meh. I tried to curl my hair when the ponytails were tied, but it was really hard and I kept burning myself. =_= Hair flower + top +  Shorts (that you can’t see) are from F21. Earrings are my favouritest pair, from a Taiwan trip three years ago. Tights (that you can’t see), appeared randomly in my closet. Yay. And every makeup, shampoo, toothpaste product is TheFaceShop. Woots.

So we got the trenchcoat and I bought a denim dress! I wore it last Sunday, but no pics! I’ll take pictures the next time I wear it. Haha.

Sat down at Marvelous Cream where we talked and ate and took Selcas. (Chlo calls self-shots selcas. Self-Cam?)

I cannot smile well under pressure. My IC + Ezlink is proof of that.

It was a bad picture day where we both didn’t look very nice in pictures. HAHA. It was a fail selca day.

Look! My depressing aura is out again!

Chlo is squinting in the bright lights. >_< We need better pics!

-sighs- Unglam day. But yes, Chlo is my shopping and clothes (I wrote Chlothes. HA!) buddy! Cos Len is a busybutt. And we both read Cheesie‘s blog cos she wears pretty clothes and goes to Japan. Haha. And we enjoy dressing up to go out on non-lazy days. Oh yes, after shopping, we went around looking for Len’s birthday present. Which failed cos we don’t know what to get her, and we wanted to beat Zac (Len’s boyfriend). That bugger. Haha. So in the end, we decided to take Len out and ask her to pick whatever she wants.

After that, I went to church to help with the ‘props’, as Ben and Philip so conveniently called it. When I reached church, I saw Philip drawing lines on what people in the theatre commonly call a SET.

Completed SET.

Ben stubbornly calls it a prop. -pukes out what Toby said in Design and Tech class- If it’s held it’s a prop. If it’s on the stage it’s a set! But then again, the set is the virtual world of the play, and it wasn’t exactly held in a castle.. A backdrop? >_<

Isa was there too! She’s our boss for publicity, so she decided to hold a meeting in church after we finished the props/set/backdrop. Philip left about 5ish, so the three of us had our publicity meeting.

Told ya, fail selfshot day.

Ben showed us his pro sketches, talked about design stuff, nothing much happened. HAHA.

Artificial blurry BG by me, looks nicer ma.

Then we sat around waiting for dinnertime to arrive. We talked, amused ourselves with Isa’s laptop, thought about more ideas for publicity, took stupid photos.

Yay throw paper at the camera!

From this picture, one can notice that Isa throws with her body, and Ben just uses his arm.

Presenting, the new Philip of the PA room!

Isa and the Mac! =D

The bugger refused to leave the PA room but I wanted to have the meeting on stage. Why?  Not because I was acting on my actor instincts, but the stage was carpeted and I like carpet-y things. Haha. I shall end off with Isa’s distinguishing face…


This is Isa’s face before she says “You suck.”, or “Go away.”

OKAY I’M GOING TO SLEEP NOW. Work tomorrow! Night all!

Love, Steph!

So I sat

So I sat at the desktop for 5 whole minutes, trying to think of what to write.

Here is a picture of me to distract you!

The gorgeous picture is taken by Jamie. (Her link is below. My links are all the way at the bottom if you were looking for them.) She’s an awesome x99999 photographer and her dolls have the prettiest styling! Haha. Went out on a dollmeet today with her, but didn’t take any pictures of her Juliet in the queen’s outfit. I feel my English failing me. I’m sorry!

It’s 2AM and I got out of bed at 12AM and started cleaning my room. Ugh, the stupid things I do. Speaking of stupid things happening…

My stupid laptop adapter died. Can’t watch my shows. I decided I should use my desktop. Stupid desktop’s disk drive can’t open even after I pressed the button! I used an external disk drive (I keep having typos whenever I type ‘disk’ pfft.) and it didn’t work. My MP3 doesn’t detect on my desktop, so it can’t charge. I AM ANNOYED. So if someone is a tech-genius, please save me and I will buy you a drink. 🙂

Goodnight all. ❤


No avoiding it. Might as well blog about it. With me being not exactly emo, I’m not very glad either. D: Yes, this is me, forever unsatisfied with myself. I don’t even know what I want to do. Man, I hate being aimless.

L1R5 – 13 / L1R4 – 10

I know I’m supposed to be happy about it, strangely. ._. I’m more like… “Oh.”

What to do.. I’m just glad it’s over. I’m glad this damn thing that gave me like a million pimples is over.

It’s Life – Phase 2.