22 Days

It’s 22 days to May 9, which is the final day of anything college related.

It’s about time I update ahhahha….

If you’ve been following me on Twitter/Instagram, you’d know that I’ve completed my thesis. It’s titled “The Smell of Truth” and explores the use of olfactory elements in the theatre.

So, some backlogged pictures.


More pictures of The Winter’s Tale lobby design! Fairylights in bottles. Fairylight anything.

P1040626 P1040596


String installation.


And a shameless picture of me with a bottle. So dreamy, right! Haha!

I also had a catch-up session with the awesome people I met from Harry Potter : The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. We went to Au Chocolat. BEST. PLACE. EVAR. Unfffffff their iced chocolate… #DirtyDirtyEats


This was also the night that Nadia, Mina and I walked to Potong Pasir from Marina Bay Sands. I was in heeled boots. It got painful at the end but it was INSANELY fun walking with them. We should totally do that again. ^_^

In the food adventure department, have an omelette. It’s not exactly an omelette because it refused to close on itself. Honestly, how do you do it?! So it’s an open-faced omelette with steamed corn, cheese, and basil. Sooooo gooood.

In other news, we recently finished our grad show, Memorabilia. Thank you for coming if you saw it, and YOU MISSED OUT ON AN AWESOME SHOW if you didn’t. 😉 I really enjoyed the process and devising now that I think about it. It was a bit of a torture when I was in the moment, but it really was quite fun. Edith and Brian are geniuses. GENIUSES.

I’ve also been attempting to kick my body clock back to human times, so I’m up at 9AM typing this, then I’m heading to the gym. #HealthyLifestyle

Things Due:

  1. Composition Assessment (The Tempest)
  2. Japanese Accent Assessment
  3. Intercultural Theatre Casebook

Then Showcase. Mark your calendars for May 8 and 9!

Until next time…

fullhouse with len and chlo

Well, got loads of things to blog about, but here’s one where Len, Chlo and I went to Fullhouse @ Rendezvous Hotel for dinner.

It was meant to be a WAY belated birthday present presentation for me (my birthday is in October). Yes, we give gifts really late to each other. Ni Ta kor was supposed to be there, but he couldn’t make it. 😦 We still owe him his belated birthday present. Yeah.

The menu has a really cute comic at the back, but it looks like it’s been translated with google translate. T.T Really bad fansubs. Haha!

And this is us. I’m so glad to have known these awesome people. Chlo whom I’ve known for 7 years now, and Len for… Uhh.. 10? 11? 12? I don’t know. Len was the one who introduced me to Chlo in the first place. I’m a naturally introverted and socially awkward person so thank God for Len who makes all the friends for me and taught me human interaction. HAHA! -bricked-

And then the food~

Chlo’s Aglio Olio. It’s baby tomatoes, not cut-up sausages.
Len’s Fish

Yeah, the food isn’t that great. The mashed potatoes were nice.

The decor for the place is great,I guess. Food? Ho-hum. :\

My present!

Len and Chlo with my present. I don’t know why they bothered wrapping it up. I already know what it is. Haha. Yes, we have a system where we shamelessly tell each other what we want, and give them a helpful ebay link.

A la prize presentation
“Oh gee~ I wonder what it is!”

Then opening it..

Carefully trying to open it so as to not rip the wrapper.

5 minutes later…

“Arghhh screw you sticky tape!”
At last!

^_^ Jil by Jil Sander, which I can’t find in Singapore. ❤

Oh what a pleasant surprise!

After dinner, we headed to Cold Stone @ Orchard Central. If you look on the ceiling, you see stains of ice cream that they tossed up too high.

I love you girls. Mwah.

To more crazy things!

Long Overdue : Epic Shit!

Well it’s been ages since I blogged. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember when this dinner happened! But here it goes. Oh look, Oct 1st! Yes, I edited the images but didn’t blog.

Epicness is an artistic shot.

The dinner took place at Isa’s house this time, with her pretty chandelier. We met to buy groceries and trooped over to Isa’s place to prepare food. This time, our dinner inspiration was Gordon Ramsay’s Cookbook (that was a gift from me to Ben for his birthday), to fuel our love for Hell’s Kitchen. Hahaha.


Snippets of the said book. I’m not sharing the recipe – Get your own book! 😛 It’s from “Gordon Ramsay Makes it Easy”. That night’s dinner menu consisted of..


1. Mushroom Soup (Off the internet)
2. Bacon-wrapped chicken thigh (Adaptation of Gordon Ramsay’s recipe)
3. Lamp Chops (Chef Ramsay’s Double loin chops.)
4.  Macaroni Cheese (Adaptation of GR’s recipe)
5. Prawn. (Ben’s finger itchy)


1. Mushroom Soup
Good. Cooked it, put cream, blended it. I don’t like mushrooms, so this was rather gross for me. >_>  The mushroom smell was so overwhelming I wanted to die.

The frying of.

2. Bacon wrapped chicken thigh.
Chicken thigh wrapped in bacon strips, poached, then pan-fried. Looking at this makes me hungry. Yum. Juicy. Fragrant. Bacon. Yes.

and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the result.

3. Lamp Chops (Chef Ramsay’s Double loin chops.)
Not worth mentioning. It failed, bombed, and died. The mint sauce also failed and looked like weed. We are terrible with sauces.

4.  Macaroni Cheese (Adaptation of GR’s recipe)
Yummy, cheesy, creamy.  😀

5. Prawn. (Ben’s finger itchy)
What you want me to say? It’s prawn that we bought and forgot about.

Dinner was very fun, nice, and epic. We made a review video, but too lazy to edit. I love you gaiz.


Life update:

Semester One of Level 2 is over.
In the midst of preparation for LIMITLESS, a Joshua Generation Camp 2011. 🙂

I’ll blog about school soon.


2010 is ending.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, hm? So many events have come and gone, and now it’s a week before semester 2 begins and I’m going to be really busy again.

On the 16th, we had an epic Christmas + Thanksgiving dinner ala How I Met Your Mother. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, meatballs, salad and HOT WINGS. To quote Philip, “Awesome food, awesome friends. What more could a guy ask for.”

Damn right. What else could I ask for? We made all this from semi-scratch (well we stuck the pre-marinated turkey in the oven…) and most of the fun came from making it. From stuffing the turkey’s ass to waiting for super long for potatoes to cook, then trying to figure out the instructions for cranberry sauce, it was an awesome evening.

Tab and Aalya!

Hehe. Tabbi, Aalya, Ben and I went to Tabbi’s place earlier to prepare for dinner! Ben is in the background trying to peel carrots. Isa wasn’t here yet cos of flight delays, Philip had to work. So the rest of us who had no life met up earlier to cook! It was epic. We were all staring at the turkey for a while, then a very brave Aalya volunteered to stick her hand up the turkey’s ass and stuff the stuffing in. The turkey came with instructions on a sticker which Ben took out and started playing with it, so we all did the childish thing by sticking it on each other and we lost it. So we just stuck it in the oven without reading instructions. IT WORKED YAY.

Meanwhile, I was staring at the potatoes and willing for them to cook. They took like an hour to soften! :/ Ben was chopping veggies and Tabbi was cooking awesome pasta. When Philip finally arrived, dinner was almost done, save for the cranberry sauce for the turkey.

Funny story about the cranberry sauce. You see, it came in this little packet and it said “Put into 1 litre of boiling water”. We were all like ‘1 litre?! That’s a lot!” So we poured the sauce into about 300ml of hot water and stared at the strange suspension of sauce and water. Someone said ‘Lets stir it.” So we did. It didn’t thicken. Philip, still being positive, said, “It’s okay! It’ll thicken!” But it didn’t. Then suddenly there was an epiphany.

“I think we’re supposed to put the packet into hot water without opening the packet to heat the sauce up.”

Oh. Stupid instructions! Just say heat the sauce up la!

Obviously photoshopped philip.

Pre-eating! Isa’s not here yet cos her flight was delayed! 😦

Our only group pic, without Isa, too. 😦

Yes there was chocolate fondue, courtesy of Aalya! ❤ We had an abundance of leftovers which Ben brought home and finished. After the dinner, we were all damn stuffed. I think I rolled home man. We all watched Despicable Me on the couch, then went back home. I love my friends. ❤


Boot Camp was amazing. First time in the Camp Comm and WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. First time having evil period of doom in 5 years of having camp, so yay I survived! It all ran really smoothly and there’s only God to thank for that! ❤ Photos on facebook! Go stalk!

And Je was damn cute during Special Night! +382478234970 points! HAHA. I’m really amazed at the effort the groups put in for Special Night la. So touching. -sobs-

Was also my first time leading devotion in the mornings. So… Wow. Definitely grew alot in this camp. ❤


Christmas Celebration in Church right after camp! Woaah! K.Oed for super long after camp so was kinda recharged for THE KING HAS COME on the 24th!

Wonder Girls!

Our wonder girls act went pretty well, I thought! The kids seemed to love it, and I hope they did! So many kids came on the 24th, and they came back on Sunday for Powerhouse. Thank YOU Jesus! Yay!

With Isaz

Anyway, after everything, Ben Flip Isa and I went with a bunch of other guys to play L4D2! ❤ Hehe. Fun stuff.

Isa and Ben

What a year 2010 has been. And what a year 2011 will be, I pray. This has been the happiest year of my life so far. I’ve grown and learned so much. I never imagined myself, 18 years old, still surviving. It’s been tough, but I trust in the Lord. ❤

Ben and I

This year I rediscovered my closest friends, I lived through half a year of acting school, and I’ve become stronger than I’ve been before. I never imagined I’d come this far without cracking, but I have. By God’s redeeming grace, I’m back.

Forgiven. Saved. Caught in His arms. Even when I failed You, You still loved me.

Thank You Lord.