TLC: The Musical

It’s been a long journey, and on the 23rd and 24rh of December, it was over. I was asked to direct the musical by my church along with another church mate, Kai. We started planning around Jan 2012 and the script came out around Feb. The rehearsal period was pretty long but keep in mind we only had about two hours each Saturday night to rehearse! So yes, it was a really long journey but really worth it.

It was a story that took place in a cabaret (yes, in a church) about lies and deceit and plots and love and envy and the loss of everything and someone who saves it all. Not your typical Christmas nativity play, but a 90 (ish) minute musical with 16 (ish) songs! DVD comes out next year.

I’m really grateful for my bestie, Ben, who was the one who put up the set piece / back drop in the first place. The set design originally consisted of loads of drapes but that was impossible because of the way the sanctuary of my church was structured. Yep, it took place in my church. And as you can see, it’s really oddly shaped. I really do wonder what they were thinking when they first built the church. ._. And the pews! They weren’t your IKEA benches, ohh no they weren’t! They were a very large piece of wood and metal and weighed a ton and we had to find a way to make some of them disappear. -sigh- One of the downsides of not staging it in a theatre.

But the first time I saw the set, I was wowed. You might not think it’s much, but if you’ve seen how the sanctuary looks like on a normal day, you would’ve thought that this was impossible, too. So yes, my best friend is a genius.

This is when it was lit. The “TLC” piece is made of cardboard and fairy lights, slotted individually by the crew. Another brillant idea of Ben and Philip (producer)’s. And a bit of my input there. 😀 We wanted to use lightbulbs but they were too expensive, so I jokingly said “why not just put fairy lights hahaha but you have to jab them in one by one” and they really did it. Ben and Philip are the most amazing creative crew engineers I know. I’m serious. They can create almost anything out of cardboard and it looks awesome.

These are some of the amazing and crazy cast I got to work with this year. They’re all from my church, so I’ve known most of them for over 10 years. And our parents mostly know each other. Yeah, family church. I’ve had my weeks of yelling like a banshee at them out of frustration (“C’MON GUYS PUT SOME LIFE INTO IT”), and I’ve had days where I was absolutely proud of how far they’ve come or the effort they put in or the genius that they have. But they’re an awesome bunch, really. It wouldn’t have worked out if even one of them was missing.

More amazing cast AND crew! I must say, the crew worked really hard on moving like ninjas! They even practiced with a stopwatch to shorten the time between scene transitions! It’s a massive achievement for all of them to have such seamless scene transition because even in school, I keep walking into lights and fumbling violently in the wings. Hahaha I walked into the lights in “Attempts on Her Life” twice. Same light. Same night. -_-  AND we didn’t even have proper wings! We had three flaps of cloth at the back of the stage so you really couldn’t exit left or right. Kudos.

This was taken during one of the full dress rehearsals. Months ago I would never have thought this was possible, but they improved by leaps and bounds since June. 🙂 ALL of them danced in heels and some of them have never worn heels in their life before! -proud mama hen moment- I teared up during a dance one night because ahh… so proud of them. /feels

Sam and Ben
Sam and Ben

Sam is one of the choreographers and the bassist for the musical and one of the sweetest people I know. Really, I don’t know how anyone can be so nice, but he is. He’s also an insanely talented choreographer that took my breath away the first time I saw the arrangement for one of the dances. I never figured out how he could create such an awesome arrangement with a group of 5 guys with no dancing background.

Ben, as y’all know, is my bestie and the guitarist and the music director and the crew for the musical. Definitely NOT one of the sweetest people I know. Possibly one of the most stubborn and annoying, but good when he’s on your side. Almost all the songs were written or co-written by him. I wrote the lyrics for two of the songs and I had no idea they could turn out this way. TALENT.

Vincent (keys), Sam (bass), me, Je (drums), Ben (guitars)
Vincent (keys), Sam (bass), me, Je (drums), Ben (guitars)

With the very talented band.

Just an awesome picture with two cast members (Sam Chow and Lester), who play the guitar as well, but were lead actors in the musical. THE AMOUNT OF TALENT. GOD IS SO AWESOME.

Kai and I
Kai and I

And this is my co-director, Wen Kai (or Nehemiah, as he likes it!). He’s a graphic designer (I think la, he does design) who designed the program booklet. We had loads of creative/artistic/human differences at the start but I grew to like and understand his aesthetic and it was really awesome working with him. Really, he has serious attention to detail issues WHICH IS GOOD. He helped a LOT with set and light design because I usually give up during scene transitions and it hurts my brain. But really, his eye for design is amazing.

Choon Rui and Chloe
Choon Rui and Chloe

Chlo, ChoonRui and Ni Ta kor came on the second/final night! 🙂 We sold out on both nights and I’m really grateful for all the support we had. 800 seats (400/night) and all sold out! Excluding the VIP seats, which were $100 each, of course. I heard today that we made a total of $28,000 and all the proceeds go to D’joy Children Centre! It really does warm my heart to see the seats filling up. It was by the might of God, not ours! I hope that they were all blessed by this production.

Aalya, Isa, Stacy, Me!
Aalya, Isa, Stacy, Me! (Tabbi left early!)

It was a great two nights of catching up with old friends. I haven’t seen these guys in forever!

Aalya and Best
Aalya and Best

Awww I love ya’ll. /warm fuzzy feels

It’s almost the end of 2012. I’m grateful for everything that has happened, but that’s another post altogether.

Have a good time this New Years’ , from the cast and crew of TLC: The Musical.

x S


bougainvilleas bloom and wind; be careful mind the strangle vines

As you can tell, I’ve been too insanely busy with school to do any proper blogging.

Upper Sec Cell CNY 2012

I have 2 shows, an individual project and a research paper – all either happening or due this month.

Come watch A Doll’s House.

Click image to go to gatecrash site!

Alternatively you can buy tickets at SAM machines.

I have been well. In my weakness, my God provides.

I keep going.


You are my All in All

Good morning. Morning? Yes, I’m up at 7.40AM on a Saturday morning with a Neslo (Nescafe, i.e. coffee and milo mixture) next to me, blogging. Insane hour? Yes. Considering that I slept rather late last night. The new semester has just begun and I’m feeling the strain already. I’ve many projects and assignments this semester, and upon completing that, it will mark my mid-point in acting training at Lasalle.

At Hanis @ Wilkie, late night supper.

Here are a few images taken on new-years eve/day. A habit cultivated four years ago, I’ve been spending new year’s eve in church, listening and sometimes sharing thanksgiving ‘testimonials’. It IS a great time to look back upon the year and step into the new one with a clean slate.

Ben, John, Edmund.

The year has been good. I wouldn’t say fantastic, but nothing tragic’s happened. I grew and changed as a person, yet I don’t know yet if it’s for the better.

Aalya and Joanne

Nevertheless, I thank God for my family and friends that He has blessed me with, giving me support in what I do. Some tend to underestimate the support and a simple thumbs-up from the people you care about. Perhaps one might think that you don’t need the approval of others, but it’s heartwarming when they DO approve, right?

Rachel (in focus) and Pris

This semester, I will keep on keeping on.

My Saviour will be there for me. I won’t break.
If my God is for me, who can be against me?

Aalya! :3

The birds are awake outside, making rather annoying sounds. No sweet song of birds here in Singapore.

I’m going to get started on the pile of work I’ve got. I might be while, say a few months until I post again. Till then, keep on keeping on. 🙂


Have yourself a Merry Christmas?

Christmas is over and I will be covering…

1. Camp Limitless
2. Christmas
3. Random updates
4. Awesome shit

Grab a cup of tea and start scrolling.

Act hipster pic.

1. Camp

Camp was awesome. It took place on the 19th-22nd in JB with about 50 odd campers. This is the smallest camp I’ve been to so far. Usually they are grouped into 8 teams, but this time we only had 6. Nevertheless, it was amazing. It ran really smoothly with hardly any hiccups.

Being on the games/special night committee, we prayed for good weather and I am once again amazed by the awesomeness of the Lord. Why? Because it has been raining in SG for a few days/weeks, and I was worried for camp. So one day I was requesting during prayer, that it would not rain during camp games. Then I added on to say “No sun, either. Cool weather with a slight breeze. Rain at night can, then the morning would be nice and cool.” Someone then volunteered me to pray because of this ‘asking too much’ request. And we did. And guess what? SURPRISE SURPRISE. Weather during camp was perfect. No sun. Cool weather with a slight breeze. Rained at night and drizzle in the morning. Special night game went SO WELL. I serve a faithful God. 🙂

Went so many steps this camp. Fallen for my Savior all over again.

2. Christmas

The theme was “The good old days”

Becks, Bestie, Me!

80s rocker, hippy, and the children’s side did a cowboy/country theme. So many kids came for the event.

Post-church, Philip, Ben and I went to Isa’s place for Christmas dinner!

In the car

And one more of Ben. This look suits him tbh.

Wah so fierce scared how? xD


3. Random updates

Secretly taken photo

Went to a tea place near my house with Len and Chlo. They didn’t allow photos so here’s one I sneaked.

Sparkly guitar!

Bestie just got a Duesenberg Starplayer TV in silver sparkle and it’s insanely pretty so I took a picture of it. And I’m also very proud of myself that I remembered the name of it. It’s really heavy though. >_>

I haz duesenberg!

Behind me is Lesters’ (also new) Gretsch White Falcon. It’s a hollow body, compared to Ben’s which is semi-hollow, making it really massive but pretty light. I am also amazed at myself for knowing this. I blame my best friend who rattles on about this so much that I remember.

le gasp it is massive!

And this is the white falcon in proportion to me. It covers my torso. :O But it’s really really pretty! Hahahah I sound like a bimbo now.

What you can do with small eyes.

A completely random picture of Ben and Je putting counters on their eyelids. This is what one can do with small eyes.

Yup, this is whats’ been happening around me for the past few weeks. Hahahaha.


4. Awesome Shit

What awesome shit could I possibly be talking about?! :O Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you’d know that I recently got a Kindle! 😀 It’s an ebook reader that doesn’t illuminate like an ipad, but it’s like reading on paper!

Unboxing the kindle!

Tadaaaaah! 😀 I’ve downloaded the Harry Potter series and the 4 agreements so far. Slowly downloading more… Thank you Mommy for this awesomeness. 8D #blessed

And if the Kindle wasn’t enough, I’m blessed even more with something I’ve been missing for a very long time. And I’m looking forward to using it. 🙂


Helllooooo sexy! 😀 I was looking at the Olympus EP3 at first, but da ge (my oldest brother) recommended the Panasonic GX1, and yes, it’s so much better!

Unboxing unboxing....

I’m really really excited because I haven’t been able to take proper photos in a while, and I’ve been looking at micro 4/3s and AH SO EXCITING! 🙂 The next few photos are taken with the GX1. Which I’m naming Megumi (blessing), because I’ve really been blessed so much this year.

Art filter on the camera.

Christmas nails, done by me. Nail art pen from THEFACESHOP. #shamelessplug

Hipster shot of my phone.
Gift from chairmen during camp. Taken with 'Toy Camera' setting.

Have a wonderful December ahead. I’ll be taking more photos! 🙂

Thank You God

He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane, I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His love and mercy

I just had to blog this. It’s personal.. But I really want to share it. You see, I received my end-year report from school and was really beaten down by it. I had to admit the comments were true, but harsh, and it really made me wonder if I was really cut out to do acting. I considered why I loved this, I asked myself so many times if this is really God’s plan. Did I take a wrong step somewhere? Why would He place me in this place?

When all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
and I realize just how beautiful You are
and how deep Your affections are for me

It was during worship. Rachel led this song. I asked God why – Why didn’t He give me more talent? I can’t freaking sing that well, I don’t have musical talent, I’m just mediocre. I can’t do anything damn well. And right there and then, I saw an image of myself asleep, and someone cradling my face and stroking my hair. “Stephanie,” He said. “I love you. Why would I give you a worthless gift?” And I knew it was true. And a peace flooded my heart. Then I saw my lecturers writing the report,  and my Savior was there, everything in His hands. And I realized that He cares so much. Every detail of my life. He is there. He is always here for me/you/us to go running into His arms.

Oh how He loves us, how He loves us

Everything is in His hands. I know there’s nothing to fear.
Thank You Jesus.