Artist Date – #1

Adam told us in class that one of our assignments was to take ourselves out on a date once a week. Ourselves as in our inner artist. The muse. Do something just by yourself and for yourself. He said it’s just like taking someone else on a date, i.e. going for ice cream or doing something that you will never do for yourself but someone else will then taking advantage of yourself at the end of the night (his words, not mine!). So I thought long and hard about what my muse liked and how I’d like to spend some time with it/her/my muse is defo not a guy.

I’m a real snuggly and home-y person at heart. Which means most of the time I’d really rather stay home and watch a movie or snuggle in bed reading a book. I mean I like to travel but in Singapore, I enjoy staying in. Or going to a snuggly food place and having tea/coffee and cake.

My idea of an awesome date would really be staying home, cooking, and eating it in front of the TV watching Lord of the Rings. Unless y’know, it’s one of the first date things where you’re not comfortable with each other yet, then I guess the whole going out for dinner/movie is mandatory. But I’ve known my muse for a long time now and have a working relationship with it. My muse has been tired out and a little stunned lately and I’ve been putting off things that I/it’d really like to do. At this point I do sound like I’m talking about a partner/boyfriend (HAH I WISH) but nope. It’s just me.

So for the comfortable stay-in date with my muse, we/I decided to bake lemon squares! I absolutely LOVE lemon squares. Or any lemon dessert, actually. Or lemon food.

I got my recipe from Eating Well, but replaced canola oil with olive oil. It’s 126cal per serving, so it’s not too bad! The recipe makes 16 servings.

Except the zesting. I really hate zesting lemons now! Haha. You zest for so long and only get about 2 teaspoons per lemon. And the zest gets trapped in my grater! 😦

Combining it all together!

This is just the crust of the  lemon square! 🙂 It then had to be pressed into the baking tray and put in the oven for 20 minutes. After this point there aren’t anymore pictures of the baking process because my hands were all greasy. Just imagine me zesting more lemons and squeezing the juice out and separating an egg yolk from a white using the shell (a skill that I am proud of).

And onto the crust, into the oven it goes!

15 minutes or so later…

And out it goes onto the rack to cool for 2 hours.

Actually I couldn’t wait two hours so I just waited for one. It was cool enough! I didn’t take a picture with the camera so here it is off Instagram (@websteph)!

IT WAS FANTASTIC. Try it at home!

Or if baking isn’t your thing, why not take yourself out on a date? 🙂


Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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