Final year, Semester 2, Day 1

It begins.
It begins.

First day of semester 2 today! It started off rather gently, actually. We were supposed to have Suzuki at 8.30AM but it changed in the detailed schedule, so we only had to be in class at 12.30 for Adam’s design class. Which was pretty mindblowing and all ‘ohshitihavesomuchworktodo’. So we have a presentation due next Monday. My brain is a little stunned from all the thinking and creative stuff it has to churn out, but it’s all good.

Our late afternoons for this month will be spent with Li Xie, Wan Ching and Rei Poh for our intercultural piece. More brain stuff for the next two weeks, from what I gather during today’s meeting. They sent us out to places near school to check out site-specific locations for the performance. I’ll post pictures up after I edit them and present them tomorrow. I walked around the Bugis/Rochor area with Sherri, taking loads of photos. We were supposed to look at architecture and all that, but I kept being drawn to people and portraits. /sneaky camera woohoo

I’m currently hiding in the school library because it’s too hot to function. Singapore, WHY.

Aite, off to pilates with Isa. Wish my abs luck.



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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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