The Acting Course P Party

I really should blog more often. I really don’t know how Cheryl does it so often. >_> It’s nearing Christmas, which means it’s nearing the dates of TLC the Musical! For those who don’t know, it’s a musical I’m directing with my church. Tickets are sold out for the 23rd, and selling fast for the 24th! 🙂 Apart from directing, I’ve moved out of my room to my mom’s study ‘cos my grandma’s moved in. Lost a bit of motivation to do work with the lack of a desk (I was using my laptop on my bed), but I finally got my act together and moved a desk to my (current) room. And now, the Acting Course P Party!

So, what IS a ‘P’ Party?

You gotta come as something that starts with the letter ‘P’. Y’know, Policeman, Pregnant, Politician…

I was ‘Paranoid Pocahontas’!


So I didn’t look very paranoid but I’m still proud of my costume! Chopped up and old dress I didn’t wear anymore and TADAH! I used tutorials from WobiSobi on how to do T-Shirt surgery. I’m terrible with craft things, so my only tip is to CUT REALLY SLOWLY. I’m too impatient to cut in a straight line. T_T


Nadia came as ‘Postmodern Peranakan’. You know… Actors. Hahaha. She was in charge of the meat that day! Nadia’s cooking is AMAZEBALLS.



I was in charge of the pasta bake, which turned out pretty awesome! You can’t really go wrong with cheese.

It was sort of a surprise for Yibao that day as well, to celebrate her belated birthday. This was the cake that Kristina and Naina got her. Yes, it says Yibao Slut. You know what they say… Friends pick you up when you fall, best friends laugh because were the ones that shoved you. In Yibao’s case… they shoved her face into the cake.


With friends like these, who needs enemies? 🙂 Have some shenanigans of the night:



It was great to finally have a get-together with (almost) all the acting course! Got to talk to the level 1s (AT LAST) and hang out. I can’t believe that we’re doing our final semester next year!

Brb sudden panic attack at the thought of graduating.

Brb second panic attack about my thesis.




Bahaha this is Ben who came as a pokemon trainer.

I realize I have no (good) pictures with Wendy. .___. She came as a pretty pinky princess.


Ricky the Pharaoh. With money.


Wuv you too Chanel.


ONE WITH SHAF post swimming as you can tell from the wet hair. There was also a non-stop drizzle the entire night. T_T So we were never really dry.


Until next time.

P/S: I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2. Anyone play it, too?

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