Taiwan with Chlo – #03

Day 3 with Chlo!

Late post is late and I should feel bad yes. NAG AWAY.

Chlo woke up at 7am and stared at me while I was sleeping. Eventually rolled out of bed at 9, really sleepy.

We had 7-11 onigiri for breakfast and headed to Red House Theatre, which was nearby.


We went on a weekday, so no shows were going on during our visit. Meh. 😦 All their shows were weekend only. But we did take a look at artifacts  from the war on display.

Said Artifacts – All in Mandarin

It was ridiculously quiet.

But we were listening to the audio guides. The English guide was really funny, I think I prefer to fumble my way through listening to Chinese..

We sat down in the museum trying to plan our way of going to the Taipei Main Station underground mall. Then two darlings came along.

Gong Xi and Fa Cai

No kidding – their names were Gong Xi and Fa Cai. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Or Happy Chinese New Year if you’re not Chinese. Bahaha.

Chlo from afar – Theater is on the right

Then there will be a period where there are no pictures because we are busy shopping.

But here’s Chlo’s OOTD (outfit of the day)

#ootd #wiwt #ufod

Chlo and I wore the same shoes and walked around the entire day in them. MOST COMFORTABLE WEDGES EVER!!! Should have bought like 20 of those or something.


Anyway, we walked to Taipei Main Station and found the underground mall – WHICH WAS MASSIVE. Like seriously. Massive. Bought touristy pineapple cakes and some other crap.

Then took a train to SOGO with our passports to get our tax rebate. THEN went back to the hotel to put our stuff down.

Crowd. Feels like home. Lol.
Cute displays in the station. Huh.


Then I took a quick shower.

And we got dressed to head off to Shilin! Yay!!!!!!

We walked from Shilin Station to the Night Market. It was nothing like what we remembered from our trip 5 years ago! It probably went through renovation and we were too stubborn to accept it.

We also tried to locate the awesome fried ice cream we had 5 years ago but we couldn’t find it. Chlo had to go around asking people, “Where is Shilin Night Market?” (in Chinese of course) and they would be like “Isn’t this Shilin?” It was very tempting to run around asking “WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!??!!” after that.

Chlo buying some potato… thing

We were really hungry so we settled for random food.


Because what’s Taiwan without XXL Chicken, right?

This Stall

I also had bubble tea. Because what’s Taiwan without bubble tea and xxl chicken?

I didn’t have mee sua.

We went shopping around Shilin and I bought a top from a dodgy store that looked REALLY dodgy. Like drug selling. Dopey.

Back at Ximending

Went back to the hotel after buying breakfast from 7-11. We were poor and lazy to venture out so early to look for breakfast.


I keep seeing this on tumblr but I never got to try it cos Singapore doesn’t have it! It’s pretty awesome!

And Singapore’s 7-11 should do a major upgrade with the food and drink section. And sell onigiri. And a larger variety of instant food!

Got back to the hotel, watched TV, crashed!

Until next time….



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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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