Taiwan w Chlo – #01

So I went to Taipei with Chlo in May after school ended. It was our first trip overseas that wasn’t a school trip and without our parents and JUST the two of us. Both our moms were probably praying for our safety everyday knowing us. HAHA. But I’m here blogging this so yes, we survived. Didn’t get raped.

I actually brought a notebook to write down what happened but I can’t really read my own handwriting. Need to re-take Primary 3 penmanship lessons. Here goes.


DAY 1 – Sunday

Actually before Sunday I was panicking because I kept feeling like I’d forget to bring something important. Cos my mom packs a week before her trips and she never forgets stuff. 😦 But I didn’t so yay!

So our flight was in the morning and my stomach was raging a war. We said bye and all that and went in!  It was a 5 hour flight and I didn’t bring my kindle along. Bad idea. So we had to sleep or amuse ourselves with in-flight entertainment.

in the plane

I think we just woke up here. I was browsing the music selection and fell asleep listening to Slipknot and Van Halen. Heh. #megusta

My stomach was still raging in the plane so I didn’t eat lunch. Slept most of the plane ride away. Then we landed.

Apparently Agoda didn’t tell the hotel that I requested for an airport transfer to the hotel. And I had no idea how to get to Ximending (our hotel) from Taoyuan International Airport. So being lost tourists, we took a cab. It was a really long ride, but the cab driver was really nice and fatherly and was worried for us! Yeah we looked too lost. >_>

Checked in to the hotel. While we were checking in, another couple came in and asked for a room to “xiu1 xi2” (rest). mrbeanifyouknowwhatimean.jpg .. Chlo and I were just all #pokerface. HAHA.

10 minutes upon checking in

The room was small but really comfortable. The water had two options – Cold or Colder. Actually it didn’t but I didn’t figure it out until Chlo took a shower at night and said I wasn’t waiting long enough for the water to heat up.  -.-  So we went to explore Ximending and get some food.

Risotto place

This is a cafe that allows animals in! We first noticed it because of a beautiful golden retriever at the entrance.

Chlo reviewing the multiple shots of her food.

I ordered my food in Mandarin. It worked out!

Minestrone and iced tea
Risotto and garlic bread.

Yeah, I don’t know why they put bread with rice but it was fine. The garlic bread was really good. I’m getting hungry typing this post. Mmm.

So after dinner we shopped around but didn’t buy much. Or anything, actually.  Headed back to the hotel with a pretty good sense of direction. I showered first so I still haven’t figured out the hot water thing, then Chlo showered and told me.

Absolute Boyfriend was on TV so we watched it. Spent the rest of the night on our phones and not talking to each other because of the free wifi avaliable.

Day 1 – Survived speaking minimal Mandarin.

It’s just a little bit awkward sometimes and I quickly turn to Chlo with a look of desperation in my eyes. She can be a translator someday.

#02 coming up. :3

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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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