awesome people are awesome

epic dinner #…i lost count

As you might know, “epic dinner” is where we get together and cook/buy stuff and prepare it, and consume it! It was inspired by the Thanksgiving Dinner in How I Met Your Mother. Awesome idea. The menu for that day was…

1. Mushroom Soup
2. Tomato Cream Sauce + Pasta + Ravioli
3. Steak
4. Broccoli with Cheese
5. Mystery Meat
6. Strawberry Cheesecake

Tabbi and I, being the most free, started off with the mushroom soup. Ironic, because we are the two in the group that don’t eat mushrooms. I don’t even like mushroom soup. T_T So I tried cutting the mushrooms but wanted to throw up, so Tabbi braved it all! I went to chop onions. Too many onions. Made me tear. HAHA. Oh and whilst cooking the mushroom soup a suddenly dizziness overcame me. Yeah. It was around that time that my body decided to break out in hives as well. Grr. But it’s all alright now~

pasta / meepok

Ben and Philip made the pasta from scratch, which I’m pretty amazed by. The only issue was that they didn’t have a pasta cutter so it was more like ban mian/thick linguine.  Still yummy though.

all of us in Tabbi’s kitchen

This is us, almost done!  Philip the bald one, Ben the one cooking steak, me tying his hair, Isa walking towards us, and Tabbi with the bowls. Yes. And Aalya in Australia.

sweat and gross ❤
le ravioli!

This is ravioli which they made. It’s really large for ravioli and I bet all the Italian people reading this are twitching. This is wanton. HAHA.

it boils

It kinda burst and deflated in the water. Oops.

Tabbi and I! ❤
Bestie. Who looks like a muscular girl.


WANTON! And we begin preparing to eat!

Isa looks longingly.

give out the cutlery!
\m/ FOOD


STEAK. With beautiful burn lines by Ben. Haha.

and the pasta…

awesome pasta sauce !

and the veggies we had to add to attempt to be healthy. But the amount of butter we used was… HEH.


I’m actually getting hungry typing this. 😦

After dinner, we  rolled around the couch watching some Chinese show on channel U.

This head massage contraption is Uncle Ian’s, from Thailand. It supposedly wakes you up. When you first put it on your head, ALL your hairs stand on end! Weird tingly feelings! >_<

Strawberry cake.

After digesting the dinner, we had cake! Isa and I made this cake. It’s really ugly because… Uhhh well it’s an embarrassing story about my microwave oven.

happy 21st!

but Philip liked it. So yay!

Us with cake.
and again! we need to photoshop aalya in!
tab and i again~ Ben took this so his finger covered the lens a little. -.-
long story.

Long story involving anti itch cream on my upper lip, which my dear best friend asked me to lick off, thinking it was cake. I did and tasted the cream and looked at him in horror. I guess he felt bad and this is trying to wipe my tongue (I don’t know how it helps). -.-

I think he has slight ADHD because he can’t sit still and gets bored easily. So while the rest of us were lying on the couch in a food coma, he was jumping on the trampoline. And I guess in the picture he has a tummyache from jumping on said trampoline.

I love you all.

We need to do this again when Aalya gets back! <3<3


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