Headed out for a few hours post-church pre-reunion dinner with Len and Chlo!

It was a hot day. Too hot to function.

After walking in the damned heat, we finally reached Haji Lane. and asked Len to pose with it to mark our accomplishment. This is what you get. Hahahah.

Took some fashion-esque pictures, but just two, because it was too freaking hot. T_T

Chlo and I

You see the black wedges in the above picture? YES. THOSE NICE SUEDE ONES? They died on me and the top completely dislodged itself from the bottom. Taking it as a sign, I ditched them and bought a pair of awesome wedged booties from Haji Lane. :3 LOVING THEM RIGHT NOW.

Chlo and Len.

I have no idea why Chlo’s eyes look so blurry in the above picture. Camera refused to focus? Heh. Go to her blog for more flattering pictures of her!

Back to school tomorrow. Bring it on.


Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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