ever felt away with me

Before the second semester of school began, I met up with Bryan, Jamie, Yun and Ginelle (I don’t have their blog links! 😦 ) for dinner and hanging around. I believe it’s been more than two years since I last saw them at the Doll Affair 2009 (WAS IT?) and random cosplay events! Except for Jamie of course – Caught up with her a few months back over drinks at Mulligans. Anyway, Bryan suggesting going to Botak’s Backyard for dinner and I was like “Who’s botak?! Is it someone I know? Or you? Wait, can’t be you cos you haven’t gone to NS yet…” -_- Turns out it was an outlet of Botak Jones apparently near Botanic Gardens.

I said apparently near. It’s near, I guess, if you’re on the right side of the entrance.

But our dear Bryan said to meet at Orchard, where we’d take a bus down to stop outside the Botanic Gardens MRT station,  and discovered that we had to walk ACROSS the length of the Botanic Gardens, out the other entrance and walk to Botak’s Backyard. We still love you hon. Hahahhaa.

me, yun, ginelle, jamie

This is us at about 5/6PM, having accepted the fact that we had to trek across the length of the gardens, hungry. The upside was that the photos taken at that time were amazing and so beautifully filled with golden glow. :3 The above one and next three pictures were taken by Bryan, just because I was too lazy to take my camera out.

the lovely jamie

As you can see I fail at taking cool outfit shots unlike Bryan, who looks all aloof and drape-y, I look like I’m falling asleep. But the light was gorgeous!

After two hours of walking (we either walk very slowly or the botanic gardens is damn huge), we finally reached Botak’s Backyard. FOOD. AND WATER. FINALLY.

fish fingers and fries for sides

This was the only picture I took there, because I was that hungry and too busy catching up to take photos. I had beef, which was amazing. After dinner we went to Cathay for Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream and taking photos of our dolls!

(picture from bryan) ❤ me yun and jamie!
bryan and ginelle. forgive the blurriness, don't know why it's so blur!
Jamie laughing at a picture she took

After playing with the two YOSD’s (Jamie’s Chika, now for sale! and Yun’s Piccolo), Oreilya (Soom Ai) feels really floppy and tiny to me! I’m adding YOSD Kun to my wishlist of dolls… But priorities. Dolls have taken a backseat in my hobbies now.

After tedious posing...

Oreilya’s the only one sitting because she has the highest risk of knocking everyone over if she stands. X_X Will restring her one of these days… Soon.. ish.

Derp post! HAHA They look so confused.

Awesome day out with funny crazy people. 🙂 Let’s meet up again!


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