Keep on Keepin’ On

Gonna keep on keepin’ on, till my days are gone
No one’s gonna tell me that I’m wrong
Gonna keep on keepin’ on

So I met Jasmine one of the days after meeting Ben. Funny story, actually, met him to eat kebab/look at amps but we ended up at a guitar shop talking to the owner. For about an hour and a half. I thought I was going to die and turn into a guitar, but I managed to pay attention to most of it. So I know random guitar terms, something about Jackson amps, how to re-string a Duesenberg so that it won’t go out of tune, Cole Clark guitars, Floyd Rose pickups, maple quilt top, I have no idea what I’m going on about. And tubes. And how to tighten/loosen the whammy bar on the Duesenberg. This is what happens when I hang out with my best friend. NEVERMIND IT WILL BE USEFUL INFORMATION ONE DAY. -cough-Emppu-cough-


Jasmine Blackmeteor

This is Jas, whom I walked along Cityhall\Clarke Quay to take photos with! She’s one of the first people I know from the doll community since I started in 2008! ^^

Decided to take some scenery shots before taking out the dolls.


I never noticed the statue thingys at One Fullerton until that day! THIS IS SO CUTE. Even though they have moss/rust on them!

Walking walking

People walking. No editing colors or anything! Just resizing. -pats Megumi-


Jasmine’s boots show up nicely in photos and so I kept taking it! Also cos I got bored of shooting plants/scenery/Echo and targeted my only other… Target. I.e Jasmine.


My shorts, studs I bought from Etsy. 😀 And okay, moving on to pictures of Echo! Jasmine brought Ariene (MD Ryu) out! His eyes are so pretty!

"Tch. Piss off."

Echo looking blur, annoyed and stoned. Sad grumpy girl. Hehehe.

Screwed up the curves on this one. >_< Only realized it now.

This shot gave me so many heart attacks cos she could have fallen into the water. Throughout the shoot, as Echo was standing, the wind was insanely strong. And Echo, being so tiny, kept swaying back and forth. T_T

Ariene, with eyes that will pierce your soul.

After the shoot, we went to Liang Court for dinner! But on the way there, there was a bubble machine at Clarke Quay and the street was filled with bubbles! BUBBLES. BUBBBLLLEEEEESSSSS. MAI BUBBLES.


I’m glad I’m doing justice to Megumi and putting her to use. :3

My kindle atop my expensive 2012 planner. Determination-inspiration for 2012. Resolutions. 🙂

Until next time.


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