Have yourself a Merry Christmas?

Christmas is over and I will be covering…

1. Camp Limitless
2. Christmas
3. Random updates
4. Awesome shit

Grab a cup of tea and start scrolling.

Act hipster pic.

1. Camp

Camp was awesome. It took place on the 19th-22nd in JB with about 50 odd campers. This is the smallest camp I’ve been to so far. Usually they are grouped into 8 teams, but this time we only had 6. Nevertheless, it was amazing. It ran really smoothly with hardly any hiccups.

Being on the games/special night committee, we prayed for good weather and I am once again amazed by the awesomeness of the Lord. Why? Because it has been raining in SG for a few days/weeks, and I was worried for camp. So one day I was requesting during prayer, that it would not rain during camp games. Then I added on to say “No sun, either. Cool weather with a slight breeze. Rain at night can, then the morning would be nice and cool.” Someone then volunteered me to pray because of this ‘asking too much’ request. And we did. And guess what? SURPRISE SURPRISE. Weather during camp was perfect. No sun. Cool weather with a slight breeze. Rained at night and drizzle in the morning. Special night game went SO WELL. I serve a faithful God. 🙂

Went so many steps this camp. Fallen for my Savior all over again.

2. Christmas

The theme was “The good old days”

Becks, Bestie, Me!

80s rocker, hippy, and the children’s side did a cowboy/country theme. So many kids came for the event.

Post-church, Philip, Ben and I went to Isa’s place for Christmas dinner!

In the car

And one more of Ben. This look suits him tbh.

Wah so fierce scared how? xD


3. Random updates

Secretly taken photo

Went to a tea place near my house with Len and Chlo. They didn’t allow photos so here’s one I sneaked.

Sparkly guitar!

Bestie just got a Duesenberg Starplayer TV in silver sparkle and it’s insanely pretty so I took a picture of it. And I’m also very proud of myself that I remembered the name of it. It’s really heavy though. >_>

I haz duesenberg!

Behind me is Lesters’ (also new) Gretsch White Falcon. It’s a hollow body, compared to Ben’s which is semi-hollow, making it really massive but pretty light. I am also amazed at myself for knowing this. I blame my best friend who rattles on about this so much that I remember.

le gasp it is massive!

And this is the white falcon in proportion to me. It covers my torso. :O But it’s really really pretty! Hahahah I sound like a bimbo now.

What you can do with small eyes.

A completely random picture of Ben and Je putting counters on their eyelids. This is what one can do with small eyes.

Yup, this is whats’ been happening around me for the past few weeks. Hahahaha.


4. Awesome Shit

What awesome shit could I possibly be talking about?! :O Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you’d know that I recently got a Kindle! 😀 It’s an ebook reader that doesn’t illuminate like an ipad, but it’s like reading on paper!

Unboxing the kindle!

Tadaaaaah! 😀 I’ve downloaded the Harry Potter series and the 4 agreements so far. Slowly downloading more… Thank you Mommy for this awesomeness. 8D #blessed

And if the Kindle wasn’t enough, I’m blessed even more with something I’ve been missing for a very long time. And I’m looking forward to using it. 🙂


Helllooooo sexy! 😀 I was looking at the Olympus EP3 at first, but da ge (my oldest brother) recommended the Panasonic GX1, and yes, it’s so much better!

Unboxing unboxing....

I’m really really excited because I haven’t been able to take proper photos in a while, and I’ve been looking at micro 4/3s and AH SO EXCITING! 🙂 The next few photos are taken with the GX1. Which I’m naming Megumi (blessing), because I’ve really been blessed so much this year.

Art filter on the camera.

Christmas nails, done by me. Nail art pen from THEFACESHOP. #shamelessplug

Hipster shot of my phone.
Gift from chairmen during camp. Taken with 'Toy Camera' setting.

Have a wonderful December ahead. I’ll be taking more photos! 🙂

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