Long Overdue : Epic Shit!

Well it’s been ages since I blogged. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember when this dinner happened! But here it goes. Oh look, Oct 1st! Yes, I edited the images but didn’t blog.

Epicness is an artistic shot.

The dinner took place at Isa’s house this time, with her pretty chandelier. We met to buy groceries and trooped over to Isa’s place to prepare food. This time, our dinner inspiration was Gordon Ramsay’s Cookbook (that was a gift from me to Ben for his birthday), to fuel our love for Hell’s Kitchen. Hahaha.


Snippets of the said book. I’m not sharing the recipe – Get your own book! 😛 It’s from “Gordon Ramsay Makes it Easy”. That night’s dinner menu consisted of..


1. Mushroom Soup (Off the internet)
2. Bacon-wrapped chicken thigh (Adaptation of Gordon Ramsay’s recipe)
3. Lamp Chops (Chef Ramsay’s Double loin chops.)
4.  Macaroni Cheese (Adaptation of GR’s recipe)
5. Prawn. (Ben’s finger itchy)


1. Mushroom Soup
Good. Cooked it, put cream, blended it. I don’t like mushrooms, so this was rather gross for me. >_>  The mushroom smell was so overwhelming I wanted to die.

The frying of.

2. Bacon wrapped chicken thigh.
Chicken thigh wrapped in bacon strips, poached, then pan-fried. Looking at this makes me hungry. Yum. Juicy. Fragrant. Bacon. Yes.

and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the result.

3. Lamp Chops (Chef Ramsay’s Double loin chops.)
Not worth mentioning. It failed, bombed, and died. The mint sauce also failed and looked like weed. We are terrible with sauces.

4.  Macaroni Cheese (Adaptation of GR’s recipe)
Yummy, cheesy, creamy.  😀

5. Prawn. (Ben’s finger itchy)
What you want me to say? It’s prawn that we bought and forgot about.

Dinner was very fun, nice, and epic. We made a review video, but too lazy to edit. I love you gaiz.


Life update:

Semester One of Level 2 is over.
In the midst of preparation for LIMITLESS, a Joshua Generation Camp 2011. 🙂

I’ll blog about school soon.


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