but still the hardest things to say are the words that mean the most

Hello everyone, I’m a year 2 actor now. 🙂 So here are some quick updates!

B&J's Ice Cream :3

Went for Jazz 1 and 2 with Joanne at Jitterbugs before the school term started. I couldn’t walk the next day I tell ya! The ice cream was a treat we (Joanne + people from jitterbugs) shared to console our sad muscles. On a brighter note, Jazz does get easier, but still hurts nonetheless. -pats painful butt and thighs-

Isazzzz on the phone

Met up with Isa for some shopping before school started as well. ❤ Crazy vain girl! Haha.


You can’t really tell from the above picture – but I had an eye infection and one eye swelled up pretty badly. T_T But I’m better now!

Then we went for welcome concert to meet the new level 1s, making us level 2s, which I still can’t believe. WE SURVIVED!!! 🙂

with Sherri @ POW

Went to Prince of Wales for drinks after.  Where I had strawberry and lime cider which was damn yummy. Tasted like snapple. HAHA.

Said pretty drink

Then school started, which was hell because we all couldn’t walk after Kalari, then ballet, then Kalari every week. THE BURN. On a brighter note, Iggy went to Japan and came to school on the first day donned in a yukata.


That is all. Am doing a show 21st Sept, more details soon. Pray I survive Level 2. ❤

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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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