This time of year

It’s been a while, blog!

Christmas is coming

I haven’t been updating because I’ve been so busy with school! 🙂 And busy’s good, cause that means that I don’t have time to update the blog, but it means I’m hard at work! Right now, I’m having my holidays and it’s great. So.. Updates on life time!

1. Semester 1 is OVER.
I honestly cannot believe that I lived through half a year in acting! This is awesome, great, and I really have God to thank for pulling me through this. I’ve learnt the most this semester and I’ve never been happier. Awesome, awesome school year. Acting is awesome, I don’t regret a moment, and thank God for awesome classmates. ❤ Two and a half more years!!

2. Dinosaur desktop has been replaced.
By this cool touchscreen lenovo shit! It’s damn cool, no pictures yet! 🙂

3. My tumblr is more active! FOLLOW ME

4. Now only Oreilya, Nami, and Echo are left in the doll family. James doesn’t count, he’s a head.

Echo. Well, part of her.


Oreilya Evans

Haven’t been taking photos AT ALL, so pardon the blur. I’m also thinking of selling Nami (Abio Angel Ling) and James (CP El), interested parties please e-mail me.

5. Guitar re-learning attempt
I’ve been trying but honestly, too busy with school! I’m trying okay!

Pretty under sunlight~

Well, that’s all. Events coming up are….

– Christmas Dinner 2010 (IT’S GONNA BE LEGEN–DARY!)
– Dexie’s 21st ❤
– Joy @ Lavender (18th and 19th Dec. BE THERE.)
– Christmas Outreach (Hee hee hee)



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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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