Liz Lisa Day!

This is going to be a wordy and picturey post. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of green tea, and enjoy. I totally don’t remember what day this was, probably the Friday before school started. I know I can go back to my pictures to check the timestamp but I’m simply too lazy, so on with the photos!

Our theme that day was – Liz Lisa inspired floral whatever!

We totally planned what we were going to wear over facebook! Haha! Anyway, I was late and was supposed to walk over to Far East to look for them (we were supposed to go shopping…) but I ended up walking in the completely opposite direction. /fail

Anyway, I found Far East and we walked around attempting to shop. Alas, Chlo’s shoes were killing her.

Chio shoes tend to hurt!

I love how Chlo’s eyes look naturally red and moist in this photo! Her suede shoes are in this photo, she bought another pair that seemed more comfortable.


These shoes hurt more than the suede ones in the end. D: Didn’t manage to take the picture of her suede ones, they were pretty!

Okay, enough of the painful footwear, who cares as long as it’s chio right?

Chlo and Len

Ehehe, I like this photo! I couldn’t resist adding the sparkles in the background. Chlo is pink, white and fluffy with a straw hat! Len decided to go floral and leopard preen!

Steph (that’s me!) and Chlo

Photo looks a little yellowish. I was editing in the middle of the night! Hehe, I like my skirt, so long and swishy!

Sans sparkles

We look a little sinister here. Haha! Chlo’s hair is all long and pretty! -tugs at hair- GROW!

With Lenny

With Lenny, the other Canon user! The idiot didn’t bring her camera out. T_T And yes, Lenny has braces!

another one with tinselteeth

I feel bad putting this photo up cos she has an unglam face on but my hair looks chio! Hahahaa. Len tell me if you want me to mosiac your face okay? I’ll go dig a hugeass sexy picture of you and put it on my blog as compensation next time!

Then we went to Cine to watch Blood Pledge with Ni Ta Kor and Ducky (and Zac, Lens’ plus one. Haha.) It was a very bloody show and I couldn’t really tell who was who because Korean girls have more or less the same face. There was vomiting and blood flowing like Ribena and urinating in the movie. And I was eating an ice cream. Not a good combination. The story was alright, but the screaming was overly loud and prolonged. My ear drums hurt.

With Nita while waiting

Lights at Cineleisure  – BAD

Better editing!

Len and Zac were buying the tickets while we waited and took a lot of photos.

Queen of Selcas

Chlo takes more photos of herself than I do.


Maybe I take more la, but I’m very anal, so I don’t post many photos! Hahaha!

Here’s three more for Chloe fans :

Same pose, different photos. Haha!

In a random shop.

Hahaha. That’s that!


Completely irrelevant photos on the day Isa, Aalya and I went to Thai Express.

They had pretty nails.

Left – Isa. Right – Aalya.


And two more very old pictures of me and the best friend, on the day that I went to church to paint props!

Best friendddddd!!!!

And something that looks like a scene from some movie.

I am tempted to add some lame and funny subtitles but unfortunately, I’m not funny enough. The photo gives me a ‘I’m going to execute Ben’ vibe. Hahaha.


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