Seek and you will find, they say
but I’ve been looking everyday
for a way past this wall that’s in front of my face.
I’m on hands and knees searching for my faith.

It’s seems that I’ve not exactly been okay these few days. I honestly feel like a burden to my Mom for choosing this path. I sometimes really REALLY wish that I could have less risky and less expensive and normal and ‘perfect child’ dreams. I wish that I’ve never felt at home on stage, never felt more comfortable doing anything except acting. I feel useless.

I really hope I don’t disappoint her. I’m going to get my freaking act together and get the damn degree. Freaking first class honours.

You’ve put me on a path I don’t understand
I’m standing on a ledge waving my hands.

You’ve got me desperate.

I know You hear me, would You give me a sign?

Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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