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AAAH! SHE’S DAMN CUTE! I’ve fallen head over heels in love with her already! >_< argghhhhh…. And don't say she's creepy just because of her eyes! Just imagine them with pupils inside!

I even made a mock order! >_< Should I split? If so, then it'll be like

Ai OE Head – $60 [me]
Ai R. Head – $60
Ai Humn Body – $100 [me]
Hooves – $60
Tail – $16
Horns – $16
Weenie Dee Hands (pointy) – $15

Clothes – $58 [me]
Eyes – $28
Wig – $28 [me]
Shoes – $28

Shipping: 22.4 ( i pay half )

257.2 USD / 3 = 85.7USD PER MONTH

I’m going mad.


Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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