Oh Good Heavens!!

After hours of blood, sweat, potato chips and coffee, I have finally completed my blogskin! -dies- My back hurts now. It certainly has been a while since I’ve actually done some updating. I haven’t been up to much, but here’s a quick update on my life!

But before that, here’s a picture of my darling wolf-boy!

Okay, back to topic! I shall write them all in point form!

1. I’m moving house on May 8!
2. I got into Lasalle, theatre!
3. Drama got Gold for SYF. :3
4. I’m working at Settlers @ SMU
5. I’m broke. LOL.

Ignore #5.. I should really stop spending on my dolls. xD I shall learn to sew. And yes, I’m moving yet again! To where? I can’t possibly post it online, what if I get stalked? But it’s pretty close to where I lived previously. My room is dark purple (very Indiany, says Mom) with silver curtains. I wanted to paint silver stars but I got mocked by the Mom who said, “You think you still 5-years-old ah?” 😦

My friends are all starting Poly and hence, Tabbi and I are the only ones left with almost nothing to do. On a lighter note, our church is organising a musical, more details about that next time.

And how am I? Well, I’ve been busy doing nothing. That’s right. On days that I’m working, I’ll come home pretty tired, then I’ll go to sleep and spend the day doing almost nothing. It’s either I’m really packed or really empty. At least the house-move gives me some incentive to clear the rubbish dump which I endearingly call my room.

I’m off to shower and hopefully get something done. Until next time!


P.S : Singapore’s weather sucks. Never leave home without shades + umbrella.

Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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