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Edgar and Lydia

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Originally uploaded by the crystal tear

I look so unwilling! xD Hahahhha.. But this is probably the nicest photo of us together. I need to work on my expression for the photoshoot. Gahhh!

There aren’t many photos of Earl and Fairy (WHY!), so gotta wait for the photoshoot la.

The JC people start school today. Poor kids. -smirks at them- And I have adult fare now! Nooooo! >_< Yesterday was the first time that coming home from church cost me around $2. This sucks. D:

It’s 1PM and I’ve just woken up. Okay, going to go bathe and all that nonsense! ^_^ Until next time!

i still remember how i felt that night
the stars were out and made it all seem right
and i really do miss the feeling.


Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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