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Before the Doors Close

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Hey thar! I was a EOY today, didn’t do much. I’m supposed to be packing for camp now, but I’m a little lazy. And my ALT button isn’t working very well. -emoes- :/

Shoji baby’s the cutest thing ever! >_< I fangirl everytime I see him ahahaha! Today was just camp briefing, so after that, a bunch of us went to eat dessert. Very amusing situation, shall not elaborate further.

I took a nice walk from Kovan MRT home. Despite the inhaling of pollution from cars, garbage, and smoke from the food stalls, it was a calming and relaxing walk. I love walking in the evening/at night, actually. It’s like at these quiet times with yourself, you start to think. It gives me time to think. A lot. Okay, I sound so emo. But really, it’s fun!

I also downloaded Maple into my laptop, and it’s screwed. I think I’ll stick to my desktop until I can upgrade my RAM to 4gb. Screw you, laggy-but-chio Vista! So, anyway, in my deep abyss of thought, my dear Melpomene decided to come and inspire me. 🙂 So, here I have, a poem. Don’t fall asleep! It’s a really unorganised poem, man. ><

Muses, for a night.

It’s a starless night,
The humid air’s a-resting.
It’s a moonless night,
And here I am thinking.

The melody that makes me smile,
That sound that I’m pining for.
When I stopped to feel a while,
I started the heart’s war.

Hate built up against my being,
I’d hate you if I were you.
My dear, are you tired of living?
I’d kill you if I were you.

And I ask myself, ‘Why?”
I ask that so many times.
I look up at the starless skies,
Sick of my excuse for crimes.

Am I supposed to feel this ache?
Or should I have buried it all?
It must’ve been a great mistake,
This will be my downfall.

Mind keeps chanting to the Heart,
But when did Heart ever listen?
Mind sighs as Heart falls apart,
Pieces in moonlight glisten.

I know I’m not supposed to,
I know this is too strange.
Is it too late to undo,
Too late to rearrange?


Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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