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I’m Back!

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Okay, I’ve finally done my blog! XD This is going to be a long post.

O levels? They’re over, and I’m putting them all in God’s hands, cos they’re the safest place to put them in. Gee, I’m really not used to blogging.

Anyway, I’ve been working, and if you go to Raffles Exchange during this week, you might see me. My job has been pretty brainless – Packing, stuffing, shredding… But yeaaah~ MONEY! xD

Last night was JG’s movie marathon thingum, I stayed up until 5ish? I then died on the floor, resulting in a backache. Note to self: Buy fluffy sleeping bag! They watched Money No Enough 2, which left me sobbing. I just can’t stand it when old people are bullied! >_<

I finally fulfilled one of my dream dolls – Lati Blue Rei, my baby Shoji. BOX OPENING PICS!

THE BOX! That weighs like more than the doll itself..

I opened it, and took him out. This is.. the bubblewrap. And Echo rolling around.


With a wig on.. He’s so cute! >_<

This is Echo! Lati Blue Yern. xD She’s so emo – I like!

More Shoji. I love his eyes! They’re gray. 😀

Testing out his posing. He has this thing about smacking himself in the head. XD

OKAY. Sleep time! ❤


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