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A Move On

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Hello. I’ve realised that I’ve only been ranting about my emo-ness and posting about Namida and stuff and I haven’t been updating about my life at all. Too much stuff, I guess. I’m becoming one of those photocopy no-life robots! Aaah~

-cough- I’ve Physics and Amath tuition now. The teacher’s pretty nice, but a little inexperienced. But nice all the same.

The Easter Sunday skit went pretty well, though I fumbled a bit. I don’t believe I actually said that line! That.. “Ahh the doctor so cute~ -squeak-” …. T.T They made me do it! -dies- I did something stupid during the rehearsal too! The line was supposed to be “Do you think that Micheal really love Cinder?” But I said “Do you think that Micheal really loves Pierre?” -slaps self- I made them gay!

We (Chris Sam Stacy Lester Tabbi Isa Me!) went for dinner at Cartel one of the Sundays. We were being pointless and lame, like always. There was so much leftovers that we decided to play the 31 game (which evolved to the 43 game). you had to say either 1,2, or 3 numbers in order and the person who says 31 has to… Eat. xD Then we played the music game which was quite slowww. T.T

On to the piccus~

Me and Stacy camwhore~

Chris, taking photos of them. Not noticing me in the process.

Lester has the ‘I’m eating don’t disturb me’ face
Isa is too busy stabbing her ribs (the pig’s, not her own) to care.

Yay, they’re both smiling!
And.. I don’t know why Sam isn’t looking at the camera. -.- FLOP! xD

My head was blocking Sams’. Oops.

I’m going off to do my homework! -sigh-
<3, Steph


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