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O level results came out today. I’m really really proud of some of my seniors. And I feel sad for some of them too. I don’t just feel sad. I feel so emo. The world’s so cruel. And they’re such nice people and they don’t deserve such things. :/

I looked at the seniors. And that’s going to happen to me. Very, very soon.

And makes me realise that…

I should stop blogging at 12AM when I have a Add. Maths test tomorrow. -sigh-
Stupid double angle formula. Stupid additional formula.

Stupid, stupid Add. Math.

I don’t understand how knowing Trigonometry is going to help me in the future. Unless I’m a no-lifer who spends my time calculating angles of everything in the world.


It’s Friday.

Thank God for bringing me through in one piece. 忙死了啦。
And I’m supposed to do my homework.
But SOMEONE made me sleepy. Pffffffffttttt.. So annoyed with myself.

-叹气- Here I go, disappointing more teachers.
Makes me feel bad, cos they’re so nice.

Well, I’m off. So annoyed. -.-
Bye, everyone.


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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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