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I must strive to be more emo. Rather happy nowadays. -shock- Anyway, we had Drama camp yesterday and today. I shall add that I am emo. (: Oh, we had this script to work with in Drama.

Went for the IT’S MY LIFE! audition. O.o It went quite okay when I had to sing. At least I hope I sang okay… Then I can’t dance for nuts so I did that puppet act. And.. For the third part.. Let’s just say it’s for me to know and you to forget I mentioned it. (:

Went for another DISNEY audition. I have a feeling the director doesn’t like me very much and I didn’t give him what he wanted to hear. Oh well… He asked what show I liked then I went “KIM POSSIBLE! :D”… Ohno…

Anyway, here’s another picture taken in the last night in Taiwan. Len and I were trying on clothes and taking pictures. The original was WAY more obscene.. So I edited it. 😀

I like how the editing turned out. Looks nice. (:

Have to edit Drama pictures / stalk people for their reflections now. 拜拜!


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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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