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Hello everyone.

Tabbi and I took emo pictures on Sunday!

I know my eye is deformed.

I love this one! I look so.. Amusing.
Tabbi looks very.. unhuman-like in the second photo, ne?

You know what Isa told me?! WAIT! If you love the wanton mee opp. church, DON’T READ IT.

The wanton mee stall opposite church is.. GROSS! The scissors used to cut the noodles is used to cut the aunty’s fingernails. I was so grossed out! Well, I actually didn’t believe Isa. Then when we went to pay for the wanton mee, we were looking for the scissors. AND WE SAW THIS NAIL-LOOKING THING ON IT.


Went to the Drama Centre (Ah, nostalgia!) to watch You Are Special with the Drama Club.

Lennu and Hime at the Box Office. HAHA.

It was a great show, many many kids were there. It was entertaining enough for kids, but it touched on themes that older people can connect with. Am I reading too much into this? I think I am.

I liked the part about Eli, the Maker. “It doesn’t matter what others think, what matters is what I think.” I think that’s really true la. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you, because it the end what really matters is what God thinks.

Then the Boxes. The larger or shiner the boxes are, the more important or better you are. And I have a feeling I’m being too ‘Literature essay’ on my blog so I should stop. Yep.

Okay. I’m getting out of deep and sentimental mode.

It was also fun to see Mdm. Su-Ping act!

Her, backstage, still in her character’s hair.



Len and I were emcees for this Japan student people coming thing. There were like a gazillion people there. HAHA. The guys are so cute!

I miss Shoji. He’s so cute la! HA HA. He was also the only one who talked to us. His English is quite good. And he taught me two Japanese words that I will forever remember and hold dear to me (Think I am being over-exaggerative).

Tokei – Watch [ He pointed to my watch ]

Fuku – clothes, shirt [ So cute la! HAHAHA. Cos I can’t say the F/H sound for nuts. Then he kept repeating ]

He likes my name. 🙂 He went “Cute name.” HAHA. I love my name now. 😀 😀 :D~!!

._. But the e-mail he gave me doesn’t exist. I hope he forgot his email and not give me a fake one on purpose. xD

I want to go to Hikone Higashi High School if I ever go to Japan next year. I hope he’ll still be there. =(

His photo?


No la. Not uploaded onto Photobucket.

I’ll be poofing for Taiwan on Sunday. Coming back at 2.15 PM on the 25th (Sunday)




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