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They’re gone! GONE! Well, one of them left. =( Isa’s flying off on Saturday. I’m flying on Sunday.

Pris and Flip flown on Tuesday. Ben and Tabbi on Wednesday. Chelsia jiejie also flew on Wednesday. (yesterday) Isa’s gonna leave soon, too. Stacy’s MIA. 😦 I miss them la. No one to talk to already. -goes into depression-

Let’s have one minute of silence.


Sighh. They all ah. PS ME! Then now I on SUNDAY sit in church ALONE. RAHH. No one to talk to! How could they do this to meeeee! SOBBING. -.-‘l Poor Steph. -tear falls from eye- So I made a picture. 🙂



And this is to Illusive..

I’m flying on the 3rd, SUNDAY. Reaching airport at 7PM.


Coming back on the 16th.


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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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