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Losing Grip

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Knock, Knock

Did the stars cease to fall,
Did the words mean anything at all?
How long ago was this memory,
You’ve probably forgotten me.

I looked behind and you were gone,
I know you’d never be for long,
You’ve never been there, have you?
Even though I was falling through.

Broken, scarred and wounded on my own,
Yet I’m expected to walk through alone.
In the middle of the dark, the rain falls,
Slowly building up my cold, hard walls.

I’ll brush away the tears that I unwillingly shed,
I’ll forget all the hurt that’s been said.
I had to be strong by myself, didn’t I?
It was thrust upon me, without asking why.

I’m just sorry that you didn’t discover,
The flame that I’ve shown no other.
Somehow, everything seems gone,
Without you, even right seems wrong.

Slap me for being naive, but that’s me,
Couldn’t anybody just see?
Give me a reason for me to be her,
Just to cry inside for another.

I haven’t woken up from memories that fade,
Living in my dreams was my escape.
I’ll be alive once I hear your voice,
Unless, there’s some other choice..


Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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