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I have returned

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Hello everyone. I’ve returned with a new blogskin. Okay, some time ago, I went to Shery’s house. Then Shery brought some tuna and cheese. Guess what happened after Steph touched it.

HEH.But wait.. The TUNA!!!


In class..

This is my bag. Haha. The bracelet is my birthday present for myself!

Taken during morning assembly. If you REALLY wanna know what they signify.. Go to Shery’s blog. =D

this is my art.. Haha. it’s supposed to be garlic. It’s colored cause.. it’s KEWL!

Shery and I.

Shery and I were bored. So we did a story. Go to Shery’s blog to see her version of the story.

Once upon a time, there lived a cow. In it, there was a fairy. Her wand was white and her name was Shery.

Shery’s friend was Steph. Her wand was pink.

One day, Steph was bored. So she flew up and punched Shery.

Shery was so pissed that she flew up like in Matrix!! TUM TUM TUM TUM!!!

She then jumped up and down on Steph! OW!!

As Shery walked away, accomplished, she didn’t see Steph getting up. and KICKING her viciously in the back.




due to fatal wounds, they both died!

I’ve gotten the option form.

I was offered options A, B, C, D.

I’m still pretty confused about it. I’ll probably choose D, then B.

2endeavour guys! Bryan looks scary! Haha.

In Isabella’s party! Stacy, Ben, Philip and me walked from Yio Chu Kang mrt to 499 Yio Chu kang road. Wherever that is! LONG ROAD i tell you.

We were passing by a hospital. T_T
Me : If the next condo’s not the place I’m gonna faint!
Me : T_T WHY.
Ben : -proceeds sadistic actions to toss me into nearby hospital-

Then we went to Horizon Garden. Talk talk talk.
And had Cup Beehoon.

Okay. Then when we were going home, Ben had to pee.



Okay. More picture tmr. Editing them.


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