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cinderella died tonight

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hellooo people! i haven’t been here for a loooong time. one, i’m super lazy. two, rehearsals are draining steph of her hyperness.

edited by yours truly! burn effect on the font and.. yes my eyes are purple! i coloured shery’s lips. haha.

we zi lian even in school. WHAHAHAAHHA! 😀

then we has rehearsals. -loud audible sigh- loic’s friends are sooo distracting. -complains- so it got all prolonged. gahhh.

yesterday they did make up on me. today as well. my eyebrows were like drawn on super high. -shudder- oh well.. costumes are arricing tomorrow and i don’t like them. so revealing. -disapproval-

oh, the pictures during rehearsal. 😀

haha. khairul and loic. two jokers. i twisted the background. heheh!

MR LEE! with his half smile. he looks nice in this photo. o.o i did the grid. cos.. i was bored?

today we performed for lunchtime concert. it went smoothly, if you could excuse the microphones making weird noises. shery and i wrote songs in class. shh. xD

she says she’s teaching math, we say she’s teaching crap.
she says she’s teaching english, we say she’s teaching rubbish.

i did this a looong time ago. whee?

bye lovelies. 😀

jump – girls aloud

jump for my love, jump in and feel my touch. jump if you wanna taste my kisses in the night. then jump for my love.


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I like green tea. :3 Steph

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