dreambound for life

Will you?

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will you be there when i’m in pain
to keep me alive and hold me sane
will you keep me strong when i am weak
and listen to me when i speak?

will you comfort me when i cry
and be beside me the day i die?
will you hold my hand when i’m alone
when it’s dark and take me home?

will you make me smile when i am sad?
hold me close and be all i had.
will you guide me when i lose me way?
for eternity and not just today.

will you be my everything?
my words to say and song to sing?
will you let me love you?
you may not need me but i do.

will you tell me all your dreams
i’ll keep them safe by all means
will you trust me with your heart?
i gave you mine right from the start.

will you take me away from here?
to end the sorrow and the fear?

will you?


Author: websteph

I like green tea. :3 Steph

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